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Tag: Call

iphone conference call menu

How To Dial And Manage A Conference Call From iPhone

Did you know that you can use your iPhone to engage in a call that has multiple participants. This is called a conference call and is a conversation that is very easy to set up. Group calling is useful whenever you have important business decisions to take, or more common when you want to reunite…

iphone dial button 3d touch options

3D Touch The iPhone Dial Button For Extra Call Options

Force Touch technology is still relatively new for iPhone owners and it often happens for us to discover new shortcuts, in buttons that we did not consider to deep press before. iOS 10 has significantly expanded the use of 3D Touch gestures and we anticipate that this year’s iOS 11 will continue the trend. Until…

iphone contact with dial extensions set up

How To Set Up iPhone To Automatically Dial Extensions

I’m sure that you have at least one friend or contact that has a work phone number with extensions. Even if you don’t, it’s common nowadays to call various support lines, that require you to listen to many pre-recorded messages. These options require you to make number selections until you advance deep enough in the…

iOS 10 Recent call history label.

iOS 10 Adds Recent Label Next To iPhone Contact Number

A minor add-on coming with the 10th iOS generation is the Recent label that pops up above a number in the Call History app. It has surly passed unnoticed for many iPhone users but the feature is really helpful with those contacts that use multiple phone numbers with. No, the tag isn’t created to flag…