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Siri disabling all iPhone alarms.

Did You Know That You Can Ask Siri To Cancel All Your Alarms At Once?

Life in the 21st century has never been more alert as nowadays. The huge amount of tasks that we have to complete daily forces us to use reminders, set up alarms in order to be able to stay on track with our schedule. Everything starts with the morning wake up call given by the iPhone’s…

iOS Low Storage Warning Messages

20 Ways To Free Up Storage Space On Your iPhone and iPad

Storage space on a smartphone tends to be a never ending problem nowadays. There are numerous must have apps, ultra high definition capture options that can eat up an unlimited amount of storage. It’s true that Apple’s policy of maintain the entry iPhone terminals at a base storage option of 16 GB has seriously contributed…

No Notifications iPhone screen

How To Use 3D Touch To Delete All iPhone Notifications At Once In iOS 10

iOS 10 is a great improvement for the iPhone’s ecosystem simply because it brings a lot of new features and improvements. Some of them are visible from the get go, like the new Lock Screen, revamped Messages app or the redesigned Control Center, but others are harder to discover. In this category I can include…

iMessage App Store Home Screen

How To Install And Use iMessage Apps From The App Store

Starting with iOS 10, Apple has taken messaging to a whole new level. Besides the special effects that you can include in a text, such as Invisible texts, the built-in Messages app can now host App Store apps that are specifically designed for the iMessage conversation system. Similar to the Apple Watch apps, regular applications…