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Tag: iTunes

erase all data from iphone

How To Erase All Data From Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

If you want to sell your iOS device or plan to give it away to a friend you will need to erase all data and settings in order to protect your personal information and give the chance to the new owner to set up the iPhone from scratch and get a fresh start with his…

itunes store is unable to process purchases prompt

How To Solve The iTunes Store Is Unable To Process Purchases Error

Did it ever happen to you to browse the App Store or iTunes and not be able to purchase an app, a song or anything else that’s available for sale in these online Apple shops? This can happen when the App Store is overloaded, or when there’s a small downtime, but you might also be…

iPhone to Mac iTunes connection error

How To Solve The iTunes Could Not Connect To iPhone Error

If you’re looking to perform a full backup of your iPhone via iTunes, or simply want to sync your Music, Movies or any other type of media and can’t manage to connect to your Mac or Windows computer, don’t panic! In most cases the glitch is caused by an outdated iTunes version installed on your…

iPhone bricked by iOS 10 update.

iOS 10 Is Out With A Bang – Bricking iPhones Over-The-Air

As promised Apple has released iOS 10 on September 13! However, compared to passed roll outs, the 10th iPhone OS generation didn’t hit the stage as planned and caused quite a stir, because of problems with the Over-the-Air update feature. OTA is the most popular way for updating an iPhone or iPad to the latest…