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Tag: Notifications

Spam received under the form of Calendar Invitation on iPhone

How To Stop Calendar Invitation Spam From Landing On Your iPhone

Black Friday isn’t an important event just for shoppers and salespeople, but also for spammers that have exponentially increased their activity these days. And who can beat the Chinese when it comes to invading your virtual space with intrusive advertising materials. After the already famous iMessage phishing scheme, that filled up thousands of iPhones with…

No Notifications iPhone screen

How To Use 3D Touch To Delete All iPhone Notifications At Once In iOS 10

iOS 10 is a great improvement for the iPhone’s ecosystem simply because it brings a lot of new features and improvements. Some of them are visible from the get go, like the new Lock Screen, revamped Messages app or the redesigned Control Center, but others are harder to discover. In this category I can include…

3d touch menu for folder badge notifications

Did You Know That You Can 3D Touch A Folder With Badge Notifications?

If you’re new to iOS, or just upgraded from an iPhone 6 or older, to the iPhone 6S or newer, you’re now the proud owner of 3D Touch technology. You could be somewhat familiar with it if you already own an Apple Watch, but you surly aren’t fully aware about all the hidden shortcuts that…

iOS 10 parked car feature

Did You Know That Your iPhone Can Show The Location Of Your Parked Car?

iOS 10 introduced a helpful new feature, to the stock Maps app, which allows your iPhone to automatically save the location of your parking spot. Of course, that this option is particularly handy when you travel and you park your car in an unknown location. Avoid to get lost by connecting your iPhone to your…