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iOS 11.2 duplicate results bug in Settings search.

iOS 11.2 Settings Search Bug Displays Duplicate Results

iOS 11.2 has been released ahead of schedule to patch a nasty date bug that caused iPhone and iPad restarts. This roll out rush might be the cause of another minor glitch that found its way in one of the most popular mobile operating systems available. I’ve just noticed that the search option within the…

whatsapp 2.17.61 ios update

WhatsApp For iOS Updates With Search Messages Within A Specific Chat Feature

WhatsApp, the cross-platform messaging app for iOS, has just been updated and received a function that allows users to find content within chats much more easier. Now you can search for keywords messages from a specific chat and find the needed info in an instant, without needing to manually scroll hundreds of replies. Yes, WhatsApp…

ios spotlight search history

Trick To Clear The Spotlight Search History On Your iPhone and iPad

Spotlight Search is a great iOS feature that allows you to quickly search for apps, messages, notes, or anything else that is located on your iPhone and iPad. It’s practically a great shortcut for jumping to the most recent iBook that you’re reading, finding a reminder, calendar event or whatever you’re in urgent need of….

apple watch imessage full-screen animation

10 WatchOS 3 Features & Improvements That You Might Not Know About

WatchOS 3 brings major improvements to the Apple Watch. Starting with the new Dock tool that can store up to 10 apps, which that are able to update in the background and are available for instant access, continuing with new built-in apps like Breathe, Heart Beat, Home, new Watch Faces and much more. Last but…

iOS 10 3D Touch Spotlight Search result

3D Touch Spotlight Search Results To Unveil Hidden Shortcuts

iOS 10 comes with many new features and one of them emphasizes on a superior 3D Touch integration. Everyday iPhone usage has just allowed me to uncover another hidden feature available for the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and iPhone 6S and 6S Plus the only Apple smartphones models that carry pressure responsive displays. Did you…