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ios spotlight search history

Trick To Clear The Spotlight Search History On Your iPhone and iPad

Spotlight Search is a great iOS feature that allows you to quickly search for apps, messages, notes, or anything else that is located on your iPhone and iPad. It’s practically a great shortcut for jumping to the most recent iBook that you’re reading, finding a reminder, calendar event or whatever you’re in urgent need of….

iOS 10 3D Touch Spotlight Search result

3D Touch Spotlight Search Results To Unveil Hidden Shortcuts

iOS 10 comes with many new features and one of them emphasizes on a superior 3D Touch integration. Everyday iPhone usage has just allowed me to uncover another hidden feature available for the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and iPhone 6S and 6S Plus the only Apple smartphones models that carry pressure responsive displays. Did you…

spotlight currency conversions

5 New Spotlight Search Functions With iOS 9

As you might already know one of the most advertised characteristics of iOS 9 is proactiveness. The Spotlight search feature plays an important role in this equation. This rapid search function has received a series of enhancements with the release of the 9th iOS generation. It can perform automatic currency conversions, math operations, provide realtime…

iOS 9 Proactive Search Feature on iPhone

iOS 9 adds a new option on your iPhone’s home screen and that’s the Proactive Search tool. This iOS 9 enhancement was introduced by Apple during WWDC 2015 and confirmed by our iOS 9 beta testing. It’s a look up feature powered by Siri, which already suggests results before you type the first character. It…

yobu android like iphone dialer

Yobu Brings Android-Like Dialing To iPhone

If you ever used an Android based smartphone, you surly must have noticed that iOS misses those rapid and smart dialing features available on its rival devices. It still puzzles me how Apple hasn’t embedded these functions yet, to it’s built-in Keypad module! I’m talking about the fast search option that scans your contacts when…