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the original iphone promo

Happy 10th iPhone Anniversary! A Decade Of History!

Exactly ten years ago, Steve Jobs, introduced the iPhone to the world. The Apple keynote that entered the history books was held in San Francisco, on January 9, during the Macworld 2007 exhibition. The iOS device revolutionized the mobile phone technology because it was the first device that combined iPod functionality, with cellular phone capabilities…

ios 9 group iphone notifications by app

Group iOS Notifications By App And Tweak Their Order

In iOS 9 you’re able to group incoming alerts to be displayed by app, when reviewing them in the Notifications view. The standard previewing mode lists the incoming news, sorted in the order they’ve arrived. However, if your iPhone is used to receiving lots of alerts, grouping them by application helps you to keep better…

iphone 6 plus bendgate

iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate Timeline

Apple seemed to have hit another jackpot after the sale of over 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices in only three days. However, the past week was horrific for the Cupertino manufcaturer. Two major blows dropped their shares by 3% within 24 hours and the fiasco seems to be far from over….