10 New Lock Screen Widgets Available In iOS 10

iOS 10 Activity and Tips Widgets.

iOS 10 Activity and Tips Widgets.

The Lock Screen has been completely revamped in iOS 10 and the Widgets have obtained a more prominent role. They aren’t hidden anymore, behind the Notification Center, are instead easily accessible, with a right swipe of the screen. This makes your favorite apps accessible directly from the lock screen. You can read important info at a glance, without even needing to open the actual app.

Apple hasn’t lost the opportunity to introduce a series of new app shortcuts, to add even more importance to the new Widget view. I’m talking about the native iOS apps that have received their own share of shortcut blocks. Third party app developers are also able to code glances for their software. However, this article is intended to highlight the 10 new widgets introduced by iOS 10.

10 New Lock Screen Widgets In iOS 10
iOS 10 new widgets list The following glances are presented in alphabetical order. Their level of importance is subjective to each iOS user:
1. Activity: inquires instant information from your Apple Watch and shows your movement progress during the day. The three rings are displayed along with the exact metrics for Move, Exercise and Stand. This is practically a glance of the Activity app running on your wearable!
2. Favorites: displays your favorite iOS contacts, including image, name and phone type. Tap the desired contact and a call will be instantly initiated. You also have the option to hit Show More and the Favorites shortcut expands to show more frequent contacts.
3. Mail: adds shortcuts to email conversations with VIP contacts. You can assign family, friends or colleagues as favorite contacts in the Mail app.
4. Maps Public Transport: Shows public transport options at a glance.
5. Maps Nearby: Displays nearby restaurants, shops, gas stations and other attractions.
6. Maps Destinations: A shortcut containing information about your travel progress.
7. Music: Shows available albums. Tap on the desired one and playback starts. Tap once again to change track. Repeat the process until you reach the desired track.
8. Photos: Display recent Memories from the Photos app. Tap an entry to start playback.
9. Siri App Suggestions: Similar to the feature introduced in iOS 9, a list with the most recent used apps is displayed. Tap the desired icon and you’re instantly redirected.
10. Tips: The iOS Tips app has also received its own shortcut. A glance with the most recent tip available is displayed. Learn more by tapping the entry.

How To Add/Remove Widget
organize iOS 10 widgets To access the new shortcuts you have to know how to enable or disable widgets. Grab your iPhone and swipe-right from the Lock Screen. In the Widget view, scroll all the way down until you unveil the Edit button. Tap it and he Add/Remove Widget page opens up. The first list shows the active shortcuts list.
Remove a widget by hitting the red “Minus” icon available on the left side of the app’s label. Tap Remove to confirm your selection and the widget is downgraded towards the second list.

add remove ios 10 widget Notice, how all apps from the second list have a green “Plus” icon next to their names. These are all the widgets available on your iPhone or iPad, that aren’t currently active. They’re listed in alphabetical order. Tap the Add icon and the shortcut is enabled. It become available at the end of the active widgets list.

You can tweak the order of the active app shortcuts by pressing & holding the pad icon available on the right side of the widget’s name. Drag the label to the desired location and release. Once you finish configuring the glances, don’t forget to tap the Done option available in the top-right corner of the screen.