10 watchOS 5 Features That You Might Not Know About

watchos 5 hidden features

watchOS 5 hidden features.

The 5th watchOS generation brings plenty new features and enhancements that are easily noticeable. I’m talking about the Podcasts app, the Walkie-Talkie push-to-talk option, new Breathe Watch Face and much more. However, there are still a lot of enhancements that might pass unnoticed to the naked eye. In this article you can find 10 new watchOS 5 features that aren’t too advertised but can prove them self quite handy.

Others are still to come, but have been already unveiled during the watchOS 5.1 beta testing period. Group FaceTime will also be available on the Apple Watch as soon as it goes live in iOS 12.1. Of course, that you can join only with audio but that’s still cool. The Colors Watch Face will be also introduce in the first major update of this 5th watchOS generation.

10 watchOS 5 Hidden Features
1. Editable Control Center: Starting with watchOS 5 you can find an “Edit” button at the bottom of the Control Center. Tap it and you will be able to arrange the order of the icons. The idea is to place the one that you use more frequent in the front for easier access. For more details tap here.
2. Do Not Disturb: Similar to iOS 12 there are new Do Not Disturb options available in the Control Center. You can choose to enable the Do Not Disturb mode for a certain period of time, or until you leave the current location.
3. Heart Rate Alert: In watchOS 5 you can ask your Apple Watch to notify you whenever your Heart Rate falls under a preset value if you’ve been inactive for more than 10 minutes.
4 Weather App: is able to provide more details in watchOS 5 such as wind speed, wind direction, air quality and UV index. More, you can now also add new cities directly from your Apple Watch!
5. Siri Volume: In watchOS 5 you can tweak how loud Siri speaks in the Settings app.
6. Wi-Fi Enhancements: new Wi-Fi options are available in the Settings app. You can turn-off Wi-Fi if you want, or choose another network.
7. Student ID Cards: As in iOS 12, Student ID Cards, of participating universities, can be added to the Wallet app and used for campus access in various sections like dorms, library, gym and more.
8. Solar Watch Face: The Solar theme can now accommodate 2 complications instead of one. That’s still shy of the leading Infograph Watch Face that can display 8 complications on the new Apple Watch Series 4 models.
9. Photos Watch Face: is now able to display Memories available on the Photos app of the paired iPhone.
10. Web Content Last but not least, WebKit compatibility has been added to the Apple Watch in watchos 5. This means that you can display limited Safari content on your wrist-worn device. Don’t expect full website browsing because that would look to awkward on such a small display. But you can, for example, tap various links available in Messages or Mail and open up menus, html mails, mostly in Reader Mode where possible.

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