3 iPhone X Face ID Attention Awareness Features

woman using face id with closed eyes

iPhone X Face ID Attention Awareness.

The TrueDepth camera that’s built-in the front notch of the 10th anniversary iPhone changes the the device’s unlocking procedure, as well as the way users validate purchases in iTunes or clears Safari to use the AutoFill feature. It practically takes over all the functionality from the TouchID system. We’ve already shown you how to configure FaceID and how to allow the 3D sensing camera to validate yourself even when your eyes are closed.

The recently seeded iOS 11.1 Beta 3 includes additional info about Face ID. The Settings app includes two more awareness features that you can toggle on and off, to broaden the utility of the iPhone Ten’s revolutionary face recognition technology. By awareness we understand that the TrueDepth’s camera requires you to stare at its sensors and not just bring up your face in range!

Face ID Attention Awareness Features
iphone x face id attention awareness settings1. Face ID Activation
When active, the Require Attention for Face ID option, also described here, only unlocks the iPhone if the owner has the eyes opened when the procedure is used. Else, if the option is deactivated a Face ID check is validated if the user wears dark-lens glasses or has its eyelids closed.
2. Display Dimming
The iPhone X will automatically attempt to dim the display as often as possible in order to preserve battery life. With the help of the TrueDepth camera, this cam be accomplished more accurate than ever. The 3D sensor will notice if you look at the device or not and allow iOS to dim the screen when you’re not attentive.
3. Lowering Volume Alerts
The same goes for various alerts like notifications and alarms. Your iPhone X knows when you’re looking at it and will automatically lower the volume level of the alerts as there is no need for additional noise if you’re already paying attention at the screen!

Conclusion: All this makes the iPhone Ten one of the smartest smartphone ever created!

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