3 Ways To Fix iPhone 7 Yellow Display Problem

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus yellow screen

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus yellow issue.

A series of readers have contacted us about the so called iPhone 7 yellow screen problem. It’s an issue that is currently discussed around the web and social media websites and has the potential of being labeled as iPhone 7 yellow screen-gate. The problem lies in the fact that the display of the latest Apple flagships tend to have a yellow tone when compared to its predecessors the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 models.

Many iPhone 7 owners don’t even notice the difference, but those that do tend to panic and immediately search Google for a fix. Luckily, this issue doesn’t compare with the famous iPhone 6 Plus bendgate that made worldwide headlines back in the fall of 2014. The iPhone 7 yellow display issue is fixable and doesn’t require you to make an appointment with an Apple Genius Bar. Read on and see how to get around.

How To Fix iPhone 7 Yellow Screen Problem
Humans are different and that’s the beauty of nature. So what is too yellow for some people might be regarded as normal by others. So, depending on how you perceive your iPhone 7 display and the cause of the yellowness, here are 3 ways to solve the problem. I recommend you to start with step 1 and progress towards 3 if the problem isn’t solve from the first attempt.
iphone night shift mode in control center1. Night Shift Mode
First and foremost, please check and double check that your iPhone 7 isn’t running the Night Shift mode. This feature has been added in iOS 9 and not all users are aware about it. According to its name the mode is suitable during nighttime, when the ambient light is low in intensity. Enabling Night Shift switches the color spectrum, of your iPhone’s display, towards a warmer, yellowish tone. So, please make sure that your iPhone 7 isn’t running Night Shift when its display seems too yellow.

2. Manufacturing Imperfection
Secondly, there are indeed several iPhone 7 owners confirming that their devices presented a small manufacturing flaw. It seems that the smartphones shipped with a yellow tint on the display. Happily this unnecessarily layer fades away after a few days of usage and the problem auto-corrects itself. It seems that this flaw has occurred during past iPhone releases too and it does only impact a small number of units from the first wave of sales.

3. iOS Color Filters
ios color filters setting If you check the above steps and still have an iPhone 7 screen that looks too yellow you need to tweak some iOS 10 Accessibility options. So grab your flagship and open the Settings app, available on the Home Screen. Browse for General and tap on Accessibility. Next, open the Display Accommodations submenu and enable the Color Filters setting by taping the label and then the knob next to the setting. Five different color modes become available:
– Greyscale: aids color blind iPhone users.
– Red/Green Filter: is suitable for those iPhone users that suffer from the Protanopia visual impairment.
iphone 7 color tint setting – Green/Red Filter: is available to help Deuteranopia sufferers have a better experience when using their smartphone.
– Blue/Yellow Filter: helps Tritanopia sufferers.
– Color Tint: can be the fix for iPhone 7 yellow screen flaw. Tap its label to unveil the Intensity and Hue slider bar settings. Start with tweaking the Hue scrubber until you remove the yellowish tone of the display. You can also play with the Intensity slider until you’re fully satisfied with the results! Leave Color Filters enabled and the the Home Screen button to return to normal activity.

ios 10 display accomodations settings Fact: The Display Accommodations settings section also includes the Invert Colors and the Reduce White Point features. The first one could prove itself helpful while using the iPhone in the dark, while the second can dim your device’s screen to unthinkable lows.

Important: If neither of these tips help you to fix the iPhone 7 yellow screen problem, you might have to make a Genius Bar appointment. Although, at the time of writing, there where no reports about iPhone’s being replaced because of yellow display issue, you might have drawn the unlucky number.