3D Touch Low Power Mode Shortcut With iOS 10

3D Touch Settings Shortcuts Menu

3D Touch Settings Shortcuts Menu.

When Apple announced that the Control Center will receive a major revamp in iOS 10, we all expected that a Low Power Mode shortcut would find its way on the iOS controls card. To our dismay this wasn’t the case and although there have been numerous requests, Apple doesn’t consider such an addition appropriate yet. Some consider that they don’t want to encourage people using iPhones in economy mode, especially now with the iPhone 7 flaghsips being advertised as providing the longest battery lifetime ever available.

The good news is that with the release of iOS 10 3D Touch integration has been considerably improved. This means that more and more icons have deep press functionality, providing an additional amount of shortcuts. The Spotlight Search results can be 3D Touch-ed for example, or the Flashlight brightness can be tweaked with a deep press from the Control Center. Luckily, there is also a 3D Touch shortcut available for Low Power Mode!

iOS 10 Low Power Mode Shortcut

iOS 10 Control Center shortcuts

Removing Calculator makes room for Low Power Mode.

To quickly tweak the iPhone’s battery saving feature you have to 3D Touch the Settings icon available on your iPhone’s Home Screen. A four option menu appears which displays: Battery, Mobile Data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Tap on the first option and you’ll be redirected to the Low Power Mode On/Off toggle.
The same goes for the other three features. Mobile Data is also a handy shortcut if you’re not using your data connectivity enabled all the time. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth lead to the specific Settings pages. If you want to enable or disable one of the two services, better do it via the Control Center buttons.

Tip: Keep the Settings app icon on your first Home screen page to have easier access to the Low Power Mode shortcut!

Fact: The Low Power Mode shortcut works only on the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices. Older terminals don’t support the 3D Touch feature. In this case please read how to keep Low Power Mode always On.