4 iOS Business Apps Gone Free Today In The App Store [Save $26]

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop Control gone Free.

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop Control gone Free.

Time for yet another App Store deal article that will help you save cash an enrich your iPhone and iPad apps collection. This time I selected a couple of Business applications that can be downloaded for free. One of them, TableTop Translator, is valued at $9.99 and you can grab it for nothing right away. Because this discount is available for a limited time only, help us spread the word and reach as many iOS users as possible. You’ll find, at the end of this material, a few quick-share buttons.

To take the offers presented in this article you only have to tap the app’s name, available in the list provided below, and you’ll be redirected to the official App Store download page. You’ll also find some recommended apps. Do mind, that those aren’t currently on sale but are considered highly interesting in their nice and might be worth a purchase if you have the budget.

App Store Business Apps Gone Free
splashtop 2 remote desktop logo1. Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop ($9.99 -> FREE) This deal comes with great value. Grab a $10 retail value app for free and remotely control your Mac or Windows computer. This allows you to fully edit Microsoft Office and PDF files available on your computer.
You can also browse the web via your desktop and benefit from full Flash and Java functionality. Expand your media reach by playing videos and music files available on your computer!
Tip: Don’t miss the 3D gaming experience available on your desktop!

tabletop translator app store icon 2. TableTop Translator ($9.99 -> FREE) is a live voice translator that allows iPads to translate the speaker’s voice in 100 different languages, in real-time. Practically, you can instantly speak another language and communicate with anyone available nearby. There are lots of languages supported over 50, along with numerous dialects. You do need and Internet connection while using the app. A plus is that SayHi has upgraded the software for iOS 10. This app can only run on your iPad at the moment, for an iPhone version, continue reading.

3. SayHi Translate ($4.99 -> FREE)
Does the same job as TableTop Translator, the only difference is that this software is optimized for iPhone. This app is great if you travel to places where the English language isn’t too common, or if you want to learn one of the 50 languages available. It can also be used as an interpreter when talking business with someone that you don’t have a common language with.

price radar ios icon4. Price Radar – Price Tracker for Amazon ($0.99 -> FREE)
Helps you grab discounts for the popular electronic commerce giant’s listed products. With Black Friday looming at the horizon you can use this app to set alerts for price changes and the software will send you a push notification when a product listed on Amazon is discounted to the margin selected by you.
What’s great is that you don’t even need an Amazon account to be able to track listings.

Recommended: Remoter Pro (VNC, SSH & RDP): allows you to remotely connect to your Mac. The differences when compared to Splashtop 2 are that this app is paid, but doesn’t come with other in-app purchases. It supports multiple connections and has a ton of other features. Check its official App Store page and convince yourself.