4 New Features Introduced By watchOS 4.3

watchos 4.3 software update

watchOS 4.3 Software Update.

watchOS 4.3 is the most recent public Apple Watch Operating System available for download and perhaps the last major update before the official release of the 5th generation? watchOS 5 has already been introduced to the world during WWDC 2018 and is in its early beta testing stages. However, the 2015 watchOS is the first version that leaves out the original Apple Watch model from its compatibility range.

With all this being said watchOS 4.3 might remain a very important version especially for those of you that own the oldest Apple Watch model in the market. Below you can find a presentation of the most important new features included in this release as well as tips about how to install it on your smartwatch!

watchOS 4.3 Update Log
According to Apple this software update comes with “new features, improvements and bug fixes”. The extended update log pinpoints 6 changes as follows:

  • HomePod Controls: You can now adjust the Volume and Pause/Resume Playback on your HomePod from the Apple Watch.
  • iPhone Music Controls: The ability to control music playback on the paired iPhone was restricted a few updates ago. Nevertheless, this functionality is now back in watchOS 4.3
  • Portrait Nightstand Mode: In watchOS 4.3 you can view the Nightstand Mode in Portrait orientation too. Until now you could only check the current time in landscape view. This addition is welcomed and prepares the Apple Watch for AirPower wireless charging mat which can only accommodate the smartwatch in portrait mode, when the iPhone and the AirPods are charged in the same time.
  • Improved Siri Watch Face: The proactive Siri Watch Face becomes more intelligent than ever. Its now capable to display your real-time progress towards closing your daily Activity rings. It can also hint when new songs are added to the Apple Music mixes.
  • Fixes: the problem of activity achievements that were sometimes incorrectly awarded and solves a problem with the Siri music commands that were not working for some audio devices.

watchos 4.3 portrait nightstand modeHow To Update To watchOS 4.3
To update your Apple Watch you have to grab the paired iPhone and open the Apple Watch app. Next, view the My Watch tab and tap on General. Select “Software Update” and allow your iPhone to search for the new version. Hit Download and Install and be patient until the new version is deployed on your Apple Watch.
Tip: Make sure that your smartwatch is at least charged to 50% and is connected to a power outlet, while performing the updated!