4 watchOS 4 Features Not Supported By The Original Apple Watch Series 0

apple watch resting heart rate feature in watchos 4

Apple Watch resting heart rate feature in watchOS 4.

The 4th watchOS generation is compatible with all Apple Watch models released so far. Apple currently sales the new Apple Watch Series 3 with or without LTE functionality, as well as the Apple Watch Series 1. The original Apple Watch model released on April 24, 2015 has been discontinued one year later, but fortunately is still compatible with the latest watchOS 4 versions. However, not all features packed in the 4th watchOS generation and available in the new Apple Watch models are also available with the inaugural models.

I’m not talking about the carrier connectivity feature, which is obviously limited to the Apple Watch Series 3 models with LTE hardware support. For example, one of the features missing from the original Apple Watch in watchOS 4 is the resting heart rate, which informs the user about the number of his or hears heartbeats registered per minute when inactive. This along with the walking heart rate are only available for Apple Watch Series 1 or later models.

watchOS 4 Features Not Available On AW0
Below is a list with the watchOS 4 features that aren’t supported by the original Apple Watch:
1. Resting Heart Rate
As mentioned above the chip inside of the original Apple Watch can compute complex tasks and keep track of resting heart rate. It can only measure your current heartbeats per minute.

2. Walking Heart Rate
The same goes for walking and recovery rates.

3. Heart Rate Notifications
watchOS 4 can notice if you’re inactive and your heart rate remains above a chosen value, measured in beats per minute (BPM). A notification is issued to make you aware about this occurrence and potential heart problem. This feature isn’t available for the Apple Watch Series 0

4. Synced Music Playlists & Workouts
Apple Watch Series 1 and newer models are able to automatically start playing a synced music playlist when you start a workout. This is also not possible on the original Apple Watch.

Fact: There are many reports that also claim that the Apple Watch Series 0 battery isn’t able to sustain one full day of usage when the device is running watchOS 4. This happens primarily because of ageing and slowly degradation of the battery, but also because the chip on the AW0 has to handle more tasks when running a more complex OS!