5 iPhone X Pre-Order Tips For Worldwide Apple Fans

iphone x pre-order promo

iPhone X Pre-Order promo.

The 10th anniversary iPhone is only a few days away from reaching the hands of the first Apple customers that will be lucky enough to grab it. If you want to be one of the early adopters here are a few tips that will help you to maximize your chances. In case you’re not aware yet, Apple will ship iPhone X units to customers based on the first come first served rule. Considering that all the rumors point out that the iPhone ‘Ten’ demand will exceed the availability, at least in the first couple of months, we can predict a solid competition when it comes to pre-ordering.

Yes, the safest way to make sure that you will be able to grab an iPhone X is by placing a pre-order on October 27. The booking campaign starts at 12:01AM PDT and every minute past the kickoff will significantly diminish your chances of receiving the iPhone X, at your doorstep, on November 3. The fact that the recently released iPhone 8 and 8 Plus flagships have scored low sales numbers compared to other new iPhone releases, is a strong hint that many Apple fans have saved their bucks for the most expensive iPhone ever created!

The edge-to-edged OLED display iPhone X starts at $999, without federal taxes! If you don’t want to pick the entry level 64GB storage option you have to be ready to spend $1,149 for the 256GB iPhone ‘Ten’. Despite these huge price tags analysts expect a big frenzy during the iPhone X pre-order period. The revolutionary TrueDepth camera embedded in the front notch of the terminal has caused production delays, which means that availability will struggle to meet demand on November 3. It’s expected that Apple customers will be able to walk-in an Apple Store and buy an iPhone X without seeing the sold out sign only after the Winter Holidays.

6 iPhone X Pre-Ordering Tips
With this being said the importance of a proper pre-order setup is crucial if you want to be the proud owner of an iPhone ‘Ten’ as early as possible!
Important: Be aware that pre-ordering the iPhone X, on October 27 at 12:02 am P.D.T compared to a 12:06 minutes purchase might be the difference between receiving the device on November 3 or several weeks later, because millions of Apple fans will compete to place their orders in the same!
1. Prepare Your Credit Card
As mentioned above, besides being the most attractive iPhone ever created it will certainly be the most expensive sold so far. So, make sure that your bank account or your credit card balance is in good standing and that you have enough money to pay the device during pre-orders.
More: Also check that your bank account doesn’t have any limitations for amounts excedding $1000. Some banks might require additional verification before authorizing 4-figure online purchases, especially if you haven’t made similar payments before. Make sure that you verify these potential limitations before October 27.

2. Pay Off To Upgrade
iphone x upgrade early option If you don’t want to pay the device in full you must check with your carrier if you qualify for an upgrade. Usually, you need to complete 12 payments to comply with the upgrade schedule and be able to grab the iPhone X and trade your old iPhone in. If you don’t qualify for an upgrade you can also choose to pay off the needed amount in order to qualify for an Early Upgrade. The amount depends on how many payments you already completed within your current upgrade schedule. If you want to upgrade make sure that you settle this payment before October 27, to avoid losing time when the bell rings!

3. Bookmark the Pre-Order Page
apple store app iphone x order Ordering the iPhone X online can be done in three ways. My recommendation is via Apple.com. This will be the also the first website that goes live on October 27. However, you can also use the Apple Store app or a third party carrier website. No matter which option you prefer make sure that you visit the page of the iPhone X model that you want to buy, before October 27 and bookmark it. Tap the “heart” icon of the desired iPhone X model in the Apple Store app too, to make sure that you have instant access to the product.
Update 2: Apple claims that pre-ordering via the Apple Store app is the fastest and easiest way to checkout with a 64 GB or 256 GB iPhone X in your account!

4. Set Up An Alarm
adding alarm for iphone x pre-ordersMake sure that you’re awake when the iPhone X pre-orders start. Configure an alarm on your iPhone, iPad or any other device that comes with this functionality. First, of all make sure that you know when 12:01 am PDT is in your region. On the East Coast it translates to 3:01 am EDT. iPhone X pre-order will debut in the supported countries at the same time. So, if you’re in the United Kingdom the correct time will be 8:01 am. Western and Central Europe users should be ready on 9:01 and so on.
Tip: Open the Settings app from the iOS Home screen, tap on the Alarm tab available in the bottom menu. Next, tap on “+” icon in the top-right corner and add the alarm. Make sure that you set it up at least 20 minutes before the actual pre-order kick off to be able to freshen up and prepare for the race!

5. Double Your Chances
Have a relative or friend nearby with a second iPhone, iPad or computer and try to pre-order from both devices in the same time to maximize your chances. One of you should opt for Apple’s official website while the other can try via the Apple Store app. The one that finishes first, authorizes the payment. Good luck!

Update 1: 6. Pre-Approve Your iPhone X Upgrade
Apple is now allowing iPhone Upgrade Program members to pre-approve a loan for the iPhone X purchase. Read a 6-step guide that allows you to simplify the iPhone X checkout process!

Update 3: Hot Tip For Maximizing Your iPhone X Pre-Order Success!

Tip: There is a high chance that despite all your preparations you might end up with an unsatisfactory delivery date, because of the current iPhone X supply shortage. Don’t forget that there is also the option to stand in line in front of an offline Apple Store, on November 3. No matter how many units are pre-ordered Apple will still save some units to have them available in stores, for walk-ins, when the flagship is released!

Fact: If you’re planning to buy the iPhone X, you might be interested in reading more about it’s revolutionary face recognition system and the Face ID authentication method!