5 Ways To Take A Selfie Without Using The iPhone’s Shutter Button

iPhone Camera shortcut for Portrait Selfie mode

iPhone Camera shortcut for Portrait Selfie mode.

Selfies are very popular nowadays. Technology has progressed so much that most smartphones are packed with powerful front-facing cameras. These are able to shoot spectacular selfies in various modes. In this article we take a look at how you can take a selfie with your iPhone, without tapping the on-screen Shutter button during the progress.

Why is this important? Because if you don’t interact with the Shutter button you can better focus on the quality of the photo. You have a better grip on the iPhone. The device will be much more stable and you can direct your entire focus at properly framing the picture and smiling for the perfect capture. We’ve identified five tricks that you can apply to shoot the perfect photo. Read on and check them out!

How To Take A Selfie Without Pressing The Shutter Button
using iPhone volume butto as camera shutter 1. Use The Volume Button
If you’re a new iPhone owner, or just switched to iOS, you probably don’t know that you can use either of the device’s Volume button to replace the Shutter function.
All that you have to do is open the iPhone’s Camera, switch for the front-facing selfie lens, frame the image and press Volume Up or Volume Down to capture the picture!
Tip: You can quickly open the iPhone’s Camera using this Lock Screen shortcut!

how to take selfies with a timer 2. Selfies with a Timer
Another option that doesn’t involve any iPhone button press or tap while the selfie is snapped, involves the Camera’s Timer function.
You can enable it from the quick settings bar available at the top of the screen (in portrait orientation) or left-side of the screen (for landscape view). Tap “Clock” icon and choose the amount of time delay that you need until the photo is take. You can pick 3 or 10 seconds.
As soon as you press the shutter button, or use one of the Volume buttons the timer starts counting down. The countdown is also displayed on the viewfinder. Just focus on holding the iPhone stable and framing the picture!
Tip: You can use the iPhone’s 3D Touch or tap & hold feature to directly enter the Camera’s selfie mode. Press firmly on the Camera app Home Screen icon and slide your finger on the “Selfie” option!

shooting a selfie with the headphones 3. Use your Headphones
A hidden trick allows you shoot pictures with your iPhone with the help of the headphones. You can use the native ones that are shipped together with your device or any pair that includes volume controls on the wire or on the actual headset. They also have the same role as the iPhone’s volume buttons, when the iOS device runs the Camera app and the earphones are connected to the smartphone.
Tip: This trick can be combined nicely with the Timer function for optimal selfies!

family capturing a selfie with a stick 4. Selfie stick
Of course, that a selfie stick is a great tool to enhance the photos that you make with yourself. It extends the range of your arm and also comes with a shutter button that enables easy triggering. Selfie sticks are very affordable nowadays. The only downside that we could notice is that they require storage space and it often happens that you need a selfie and you don’t have the stick around.
Tip: Not all selfie sticks can pair with an iPhone. Make sure to double-check the compatibility, before ordering one. Else, the shutter button on the handle won’t work!

taking a selfie with a tripod 5. Tripod & Timer
Last but not least, you can also use a tripod. This third-party accessory allows you to take selfies from a bigger distance. This way you can fit more people in the frame and also make sure that the iPhone is very stable when the picture is taken.
Tripods are efficiently used with the Camera’s Timer function. The 10-second countdown is the best option in this case.

Fact: You can also ask Siri to take a selfie for you. However, the virtual assistant is only able to open the Camera app with the front-facing camera enabled. You still are the one that triggers the shot!

Are you a selfie fan? What’s your favorite way of capturing them? Let us know in the comment section available below.

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