6 New Commands For Usual Functions In The Home Button-less iPhone 8

home-button less iphone 8

Home-button less iPhone 8.

As the 2017 Apple flagships are fast approaching the release date, there are quite a few things that have to be clarified. Starting with the denomination, which can be anything from the iPhone 8, X or Edition and continuing with a whole range of commands and gestures that will be reorganized because of the edge-to-edge OLED display and the disappearance of the physical Home button.

Some rumors predicted that the Home button will be replaced by a digital Home Indicator, that would take over most functions from the physical button, excepting the Touch ID functionality, that will be replaced by the revolutionary Face ID feature. However, latest leaks support the scenario of neither Home Button or Home Indicator and that most functions will be replaced by gestures and other buttons.

In this case a series of questions arise:
1. How To Return to the Home Screen?
Usually: All iPhones display the Home screen when taping once on the Home key.
iPhone 8: The 10th anniversary iPhone could adopt this shortcut with the help of the newly rumored Gesture Bar!

2. How To Wake Siri?
Usually: A long Home button press would invoke Siri on iPhone 7 and earlier models.
iPhone 8: According to the latest iOS 11 beta source code digging, twitter Guilherme Rambo has uncovered the following code:
+[SBSiriHardwareButtonInteraction hardwareButtonInteractionForLockButton]
which suggests that pressing the Sleep/Wake button would invoke Siri. However, there the long press of the same button that is traditional associated with the “Slide to power off screen”, and the short press that locks the iPhone. So, Apple will either provide a new Sleep/Wake button double-click command or something similar to accommodate the “Wake Siri” feature.
Fact: Siri can be also invoked via the Hey Siri voice command as well. What about Type to Siri?

3. How To Flush iPhone RAM?
Usually: A handy little trick that allows us to instantly clear the RAM on the iPhone involves the Home button? How will it work on the iPhone 8?
iPhone 8: In fact, this command has been solved starting with the iPhone 7 that made the transition from a regular Home button, to a solid-state button. The Home button‘s role was taken by the Volume Down button and things should be similar for the iPhone 8.

4. How to perform a screenshot on the iPhone 8?
Usually: Until now, the Home button + Sleep/Wake button combo did the job.
iPhone 8: Considering the solution applied for the flush RAM command the new print-screen combo for the 2017 iPhone flagship would be achieved via the Sleep/Wake button + Volume Down button combo!

5. How to use the Accessibility Shortcut?
Usually: Triple-clicking Home would bring up a predefined option like Magnifier, Reduce White Point, Assistive Touch, Invert Colors and more.
iPhone 8: Triple-clicking the Sleep/Wake button could be the new Assistive Touch shortcut command for the Home button-less iPhone!
Fact: Clicking the Sleep/Wake button 5-times in a row currently triggers the Emergency SOS call. Wil Apple risk a triple-click shortcut for the same button too?

6. How to open the App Switcher menu?
Usually: Double-clicking the Home button opens up the list of most recent apps used in previous iPhone models.
iPhone 8: It’s true that the App Switcher can be also opened with the help of the 3D touch gesture, but it seems that the Home button-less iPhone will share the App Switcher screen with the Control Center view in a similar way the iPad does in iOS 11. This means that a swipe up from the bottom of the screen will unveil both options.

Fact: All these solutions for iPhone 8 key functions are mostly anticipated based on Apple patterns, leaks and rumors. We will know for sure on September 12. Stay tuned!