7 iPhone X Battery Saving Tips To Maximize OLED Display Efficiency

iPhone X displaying in Grayscale to save battery

iPhone X displaying in Grayscale to save battery.

The iPhone X ships with an impressive battery autonomy as Apple’s 2017 flagship hosts a 2716 milliamperes per hour power unit. In fact, the 10th anniversary iPhone packs two batteries that sum up the capacity mentioned above, which is slightly larger than the 2691 mAh available on the iPhone 8 Plus. However, the iPhone X screen is also a little larger than the 8 Plus display (5.8 inches versus 5.5 inches). Nevertheless, the bezel-less iPhone ships with an OLED display which is more power-friendly than the classic LCD’s that are used on previous iPhone models.

The OLED display particularity is that it lights up every individual pixel, without needing a backlight panel that powers on the entire screen. This reduces power consumption and makes room for a series of tips that you can apply to save the iPhone X battery percentage and prolong the device’s uptime. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone ‘Ten’ has a great battery lifetime out of the box, considering the amount of technology that it packs inside. But what if you can make it last even longer?

How To Prolong iPhone X Battery Lifetime
1. Software Update
Make sure that your iPhone ‘Ten’ always runs the most recent iOS version available. Apple continuously optimizes its mobile operating system to patch bugs and improve performance. A faster iPhone means a shorter screen-on time to perform identical operations, thus less battery consumed.

2. Auto-Brightness ON
The iOS is intelligent enough to detect the ambient light and adjust the display’s brightness accordingly. This makes the iPhone X much more efficient when it comes to battery usage. Make sure that Auto-Brightness is enabled by opening the Settings app and browsing for: General -> Accessibility -> Display Accommodations.
Fact: Auto-Brightness also helps to efficiently preserve the quality of the iPhone X Super Retina display!

3. Auto-Lock Option
This is another must have feature if you want to save the iPhone X battery. It makes the device to automatically lock itself and dim the display if you forget to manually lock it, by pressing the Side button. For best results set the Auto-Lock value to 30 seconds. You can tweak it in Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Auto-Lock.
Tip: Having problems with the iOS 11 Auto-Lock feature? Here is how to fix it!

4. Low Power Mode
This feature doesn’t need any additional presentation. However, in iOS 11 you can configure the Control Center to host the Low Power Mode switch. This way you can easily swipe-down from the right ear and tap the icon to enable or disable it.
Tip: You can use Reachability if you want to bring up the Control Center while using the iPhone X single-handed.

5. Black Wallpaper
Getting back to the way OLED displays work, a true black tone will use less battery resources because most of the pixel don’t require to be lit. Apple has included a native Black Wallpaper in iOS 11. It’s specially tailored for the iPhone X and enabling it helps you save battery. You can configure it from the same Settings app. Browse for Wallpaper and tap on Choose a New Wallpaper. Next select Stills and scroll all the way down until you reach the “true” black background. Tap on its thumbnail. Next, hit Set and choose Set Both to display it both on Home and Lock screen.

6. Smart Invert Colors
Is a new feature available in iOS 11. It’s the closest you can get to a Dark Mode for your iPhone. This option reverses the colors of the background and buttons from bright to dark, makes text white, but leaves images and icons display normally. It can be enabled from the Settings app as described here or via the iPhone X Accessibility shortcut as explained below.

7. Grayscale
If you want to squeeze everything out of your iPhone X’s battery there is also the Grayscale feature available. Browse for Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Display Accommodations and select Color Filters. Tap the knob next to the Grayscale label to enable this option. Your iPhone X displays everything in gray shades when using this mode. Remember, darker tones on OLED displays are good for battery!

Fact: To make Smart Invert Colors and Grayscale available via the Side Button triple-click browse for: Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Accessibility Shortcut. Select Color Filters and Smart Invert Colors.