Top 7 Ways to Make Sure Your iPhone Isn’t Exposed to Hackers

how to avoid iPhone hacks

How to avoid iPhone hacks

With an increasing number of daily activities and tasks performed on your iPhone, your strongly turning your iOS device in one of the most important assets that you own. Nowadays, we depend more on a smartphone than ever before and that’s why iPhone security is something that you shouldn’t oversee.

And I’m not referring to screen protection or any other safety measures against physical damage. That’s important too, because a shattered display will pretty much render your iPhone unusable. But we have cases and screen protectors for that! In this article we’ll focus on protecting your device from malware and other potential hacks that might be threatening the digital assets available on your iPhone.

How To Make Sure That Your iPhone Isn’t Vulnerable

Whether you’re an individual or representing a business, ensuring a safe and private digital environment for your data is a must.

1. Security Recommendations in iOS 14

how to fix a compromised password in iOS 14
Apple has included a series of additional privacy and security features for iPhone in iOS 14 including Compromised Password notifications. These are automatically triggered whenever a password that you use with an account stored on your iPhone has been involved in a data breach and has become a security vulnerability. Take them serious and change your log-in details whenever you’re prompted.
Fact: You will be also notified about passwords that you use and are considered weak, thus a security vulnerability that can be exploited by experienced hackers.

2.Set Strong Passwords

Create strong passwords that will be saved across all your devices, with the help of the iCloud KeyChain feature!

3. Enable Private Address

how to enable private wi-fi address for iphone
The new Private Wi-Fi Address feature allows your device to get a new Mac address for each different Wi-Fi hotspot that it connects to. This makes it less traceable by various network profilers.
How To: Browse for Settings -> Wi-Fi. Tap the blue ‘i’ icon available next to the network name that you’re currently connected to. Use the toggle to enable Private Address.

4.Avoid Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking can still be tempting even with all the new functions and features in iOS 14! However, it’s not a good idea. Installing software from outside of the Apple servers environment, will only make your iPhone more vulnerable and prone to hacking attempts.
If you also add the inconvenience of limited jailbreak availability, you should probably stay away from it!

5. Disable Cloud Features

If you wanna be extra cautious you might disable any type of Cloud services on your iPhone. As soon as photos, contacts and mail are update to the cloud they’ve left your device and could become vulnerable.
Apple puts a lot of emphasize on privacy and security. So, you might wanna allow iCloud backups and other functions. However, refrain from using cloud service for third-party apps that you might install on your iPhone.

6. Usa A VPN

Even if your iPhone isn’t jailbroken ads with malware can still endanger your device if you access low-quality websites. More, using public Wi-Fi hotspots or other insecure Internet connections is much safer if you connect via a VPN (Virtual Private Network).
A VPN allows you to send & receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.
Extra benefits of using a VPN is that it will also unlock content that is country restricted. The best example would be video streaming platforms like Netflix, that lock content depending on the country you use to browse from.
Always use a VPN if you don’t want to expose info about your device and location to potential trackers!

7. Disable Lock Screen Previews

how to disable notification previews
A common privacy mistake that most users are making is to allow notifications to be displayed on the Lock Screen. These can be seen by everyone near the device and curious eyes might get a glimpse of info that should be only available after you enter your Passcode or authenticate with Face ID.
How To: Open Settings and tap on Notifications. Open Show Previews and make sure that When Unlocked is selected.

Are you satisfied with the new iOS 14 privacy and security enhancements for your iPhone? Use the comments section and let us know.

Related: Security vulnerabilities are often patched by Apple when they surface. That’s why we strongly recommend you to always update to the most recent software update available. Do you know that you can now also update over 5G, and not Wi-Fi only?