A Dozen iOS Apps To Keep You Active And Busy At Home During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Houseparty video call during coronavirus lockdown

Houseparty video call during coronavirus lockdown

We’re living some rough times “thanks” to the new coronavirus which led to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. At the time of writing, the best way to fight this virus is to prevent infection. Most countries recommend staying at home. In many parts of the world we have lockdowns already in place, while other states are due to follow. If the majority of population will stay at home for the next couple of weeks, we have a good chance to win this battle with the “invisible enemy”.

However, staying at home can become boring and even depressing after a couple of days. To help you out we’ve set up a list with a dozen iOS apps to keep you busy and active during the coronavirus lockdown period. Fitness and workout apps will help you control your body weight and most importantly keep your immune system fired up, while other apps will help you connect with friends and family and help you to keep up the good spirit!

12 iPhone and iPad Apps To Fight The COVID-19 LockDown
New Addition:
0. Google Podcasts (FREE) – This app has just reached the App Store shelves and it’s a must-have during the coronavirus lock down. It helps you remain busy, entertained, informed and educated while lying in bed at home or jogging in your backyard. It’s completely free to download and doesn’t come with any in-app purchases.

1. Khan Academy (FREE) – Kids are most likely also at home. So, one of the best things that you can do is to encourage them to continue studying. The app allows you to start with early principles if you have little ones. You can also select a specific grade level for the older kids. It even provides options to study for AP (Advanced Placement) exams.

2. Epic! – Kids’ Books and Videos (FREE*) – This is another popular learning oriented app. It’s used in 90% of the elementary schools in United States. This app is an award-winning digital library of ebooks and videos for kids aged 12 and under. It provides instant access to more than 35,000 books (audio and ebooks), videos, and quizzes.

3. Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes (FREE*) – Speaking of quizzez it’s time for an app for the grownups. Are you a trivia fan, an office superhero and continous learner or a competitive student? Create and host your own quiz. Play on your own or with friends and family. Have fun and learn in the same time!

4. Houseparty – Life On Air, Inc (FREE*) – This is a great app for offline social distancing. It helps friends and family connect online by making group video calls easy and fund between both iOS and Android users. You can share your screen with up to 8 participants. On top of that, besides group conferencing you can also play silly games against each other!

5. Marco Polo – Stay In Touch (FREE*) – Another great app that makes offline social distancing easier to accept. It combines texting, video chats and social media and brings one important benefit. No ads and no other side-distractions like hearts, thumbs-ups and so on.

6. FaceTime (FREE) – Of course that we can’t opt out FaceTime from the list. Which is totally free for all iOS, iPadOS, macOS users. It allows you to engage in video or audio calls between iPhone, iPad and Mac owners. You only need an Appke ID or phone number. Group FaceTime calls can support up to 32 people at once.

7. Nike Training Club – Nike, Inc (FREE*) – In this app you will find free fitness videos. There is a particular category that will suit you best: “Workouts in Small Spaces.” A great tip is to use AirPlay and play the workouts on your Apple TV for optimal display. Stay in shape while you’re locked down.

8. Wakeout! (FREE*) – A home office is still an office. So, if you work from home during the coronavirus lock down this app will help you stretch during your mini-breaks and learn many funny micro-workouts that add up during the day.

9. Peloton — at home fitness (FREE*) – This app offers now a free 90-day free trial to help you deal with the coronavirus lock down easier. Live and on-demand cardio, yoga and stretching classes.

10. Balance: Meditation (FREE*) – If you’re doing one of the above mentioned fitness workouts you should burn enough energy in order to get a proper sleep. However if you’re still having trouble sleeping you can try out some new meditations that help you wind down and fall asleep easier. Besides this feature, you have plenty minute-long meditations.

11. Ten Percent Happier Meditation (FREE*) – If you want to get more serious with meditations this app provides hundreds of guided lessons! Relaxing and maintaining a good mindset are essential during the long run battle with the COVID-19 pandemic.

12. Shine: Calm Anxiety & Stress (FREE*) – Many of us could panic, when the number of coronavius infections and deaths start to skyrocket. This app has partnered with Mental Health America and provides a free resource for managing your mental health. Use it to calm down if panic gets the better of you.

13. Pokerrrr 2- Holdem, OFC, Omaha (FREE*) – A great way to spend your free time is to play a couple hands of Texas Hold’em with your friends. This is a social gaming app. It doesn’t involve gambling. You play with virtual chips, no real money. You can host your own Poker room and invite up to 9 friends. If there is no one available play randomly against worldwide competitors!