Add Vulcan’s Hand Emoji To iPhone Keyboard

vulcan hand emojis via ios keyboard shortcut

Vulcan’s Hand Emojis via iOS keyboard shortcut.

iPhone fans from the Reddit community have discovered an useful glitch within iOS 8.3, which allows you to add your own Emojis to the built-in iOS keyboard. The trick works with the help of the predefined keyboard shortcut system.

Whenever you stumble upon a smiley face that you fancy and it’s not included within the recently revamped Emoji keyboard you can use Copy/Paste and save it as a shortcut!

Do mind that you can’t simply add any image that you grab from Google search as an Emoji on your iPhone. A suitable smiley face has to have the reduced size and format of an Emoji, to qualify for this trick! If you find and Emoji while browsing the web via iPhone or iPad and you wish to save it, tap & hold on its icon. If you get the Copy you can grab it as described below.

saving vulcan salute emoji as keyboard shortcutHow To Add Emoji To iOS Keyboard
Here is a step by step guide that teaches you how to add Vulcan’s salute Emoji or any other smiley face to your keyboard:
1. Copy EmojiFROM HERE
Tap & hold on the desired Emoji available nearby until the Copy prompt pops up on your screen. Choose Copy and return to your iPhone’s home screen.
You can copy smiley faces from chats, social media or any other browsed web page.
different colored vulcan hand emojis

2. Define Shortcut – Tap on Settings -> General -> Keyboards -> Shortcuts. Now, tap on the Phrase field to unveil the Paste command. Select it and the smiley face will be inserted. It’s time to pick a Shortcut combo, that you want to use every time you wish to insert the Emoji in your text.

3. Use The Emoji – Whenever you wish to post or send Vulcan’s salute to one of your contacts type your Shortcut combo and hit the Spacebar to confirm that you wish to call the shortcut.

Important: Do mind that this trick works only if the receiver has updated his iPhone or iPad to iOS 8.3. Else he’ll see an alien-faced smiley face instead of Vulcan’s hand Emoji!