Adobe Photoshop Camera App Free For iPhone And iPad

Adobe Photoshop Camera app for iPhone

Adobe Photoshop Camera app for iPhone.

Adobe has recently released its Photoshop app for iOS. It’s called Photoshop Camera and can be downloaded from the App Store. The software is free to use and comes with a large variety of filters and lenses for your iPhone camera. The effects can be added before or after you take the photo. Custom-designed lenses, inspired by various artists and influencers is one of the key features.

Photoshop Camera app relies strongly on AI (Artificial Intelligence). Adobe’s software is able to bring automatic improvements to lightning, focus and other attributes while you take a photo. Group selfie pictures are also marketed as being distortion-free. Photoshop Camera is able to recognize where each subject is located and van automatically eliminate distortion.

How To Download Adobe Photoshop Camera

how to download Adobe Photoshop camera from App Store 1. Tap this link and the App Store app will open on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The Photoshop Camera app information screen will be displayed.
2. Tap GET, to download the app.
3. Use Face ID, Touch ID or your Apple ID password to authenticate the download.
4. Be patient until the software is deployed on your iOS device. Tap OPEN to start using it.

Photoshop Camera App Requirements

– Adobe is popular for releasing storage consuming software. However, the Photoshop Camera app is only around 200 MB large.
– The app runs on iOS 12.0 or later.
– It can be installed on any iPhone 6S or later.
– It’s also iPad compatible. You need an iPad from the 4th generation onwards.
– iPod touch 7th generation is also supported.

Fact: As mentioned above, the app is free to download and all the features are included. It currently features a single in-app purchase. You can get 20 GB of cloud storage for $1.99.

Tips To Use Photoshop Camera App For The First Time

Photoshop Camera app intro 1. Don’t skip the intro!
The first time you open Photoshop camera you’re prompted with an info. There are 5 steps that sum up the main features of the app. You’re informed that the software isn’t just good for editing photos but it’s also great for snapping new pictures. You’re also informed about the available lenses. The auto-enhance photos feature is highlighted next. Last but not least you’re informed about the recommended effects that you can apply to an image.

how to sign in with Apple in Adobe Photoshop Camera 2. Log In With Adobe
You have to log in to an Adobe account to be able to use the app. If you already have an account you can use those credentials.
You can also log in with Facebook, Google or Sign Up for a new Adobe account.
However, the simplest way is to choose the Sign in with Apple option. This way you can hide your email address and complete the log-in process in seconds.

Photoshop Camera access request 3. Provide Permissions
The Photoshop Camera app requires access to your iPhone Camera. Tap OK to grant it.
This way you will able to take new photos from the app.
A second permission ask for Location data access. You won’t miss much if you tap on ‘Don’t Allow’.
Meta data of new photos won’t contain info about the place where they’ve been shot.

Photoshop Camera App Features

– Custom Filters: over 80 filters that you can add to favorites for easy repeated use and much more.
– Real-time Photoshop Effects: artificial intelligence takes care of your photo even before you snap it.
– Recommended Effects: pic a photo and AI will recommend you which effects to apply for optimal results.
– Auto-Tone: Photoshop Camera app takes care of balancing shadows and brightness areas in your pictures.
Portrait Mode: comes with the following options Bokeh, Face Distance, Face Light and Face Relighting.
– Influencer-Inspired Lenses: allow you to use the same filters used by successful social media users. Your interest is kept alive by the new effects that are added all the time.

Are you enjoying the Adobe Photoshop Camera app for iOS? Let us know your favorite features in the comments section available below!

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