AirPods Case 0 Battery Percentage iOS 16.2 Bug? Fix?

airpods case 0 iOS 16.2

AirPods case 0 iOS 16.2

AirPods case showing 0 battery percentage although the real value is 100%? This happens after iOS 16.2 update? iPhone is unable to display the correct values in the Battery widget? You’re not alone!

AirPods Case O Battery Percentage?

airpods case 0 battery percentage bug
This issue has been reported by Dennis:

“My airpods case shows 0% although it just finished charging. is this a known 16.2 issue?”

We can also replicate the issue and have found many similar complaints on Reddit:
1: “16.2 gave me the 0% bug.”
2: “Same here. iPhone 14 Pro on 16.2 AirPods Pro Gen 1.”
3: “Me too. Airpods 3 Case showed 0% (when it was 100%).”

We’ve reported this glitch to Apple. Please use this feedback no. FB11877778 if you report it yourself!

How To Fix AirPods Case Showing 0

This new iOS 16.2 AirPods battery bug is thankfully just a scare! The case isn’t losing charge very quickly, it’s just a display error.

The battery widget wrongly displays the AirPods case battery level as 0, when actually the case itself is maintaining the normal battery charge.

Until Apple addresses this issue in an upcoming iOS 16.2.1 bug fixing release, here is what you can do to troubleshoot:

1. Bring AirPods Back In The Case

airpods case 0 fix
We’ve noticed that the AirPods case battery percentage displays the correct value when you bring the wireless earbuds back in the case and close the lid!

Does this work for you too?

2. Use AirPods Case Status Light

You can also use the status light on the case to asses the battery life. If it flashes ‘green’ it means that your device is fully charged and you shouldn’t worry about connecting to a charger for now!

Did you manage to solve the AriPods Case 0 battery bug in iOS 16.2? Do you have a better solution or other issues to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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