New AirPods Optimized Battery Charging Feature In iOS 14

AirPods Optimized Battery Charging Enabled

AirPods Optimized Battery Charging Enabled in iOS 14.

Besides notifying you when the AirPods run low on power, iOS 14 is also brings the Optimized Battery Charging feature to Apple’s wireless EarPhones.
Similar to the iPhone, all AirPods versions, have now the ability to monitor and learn your daily charging routine.
Once detected, they’ll finish charging to full capacity only close before you remove them from the charger.

Apple has introduced Optimized Battery Charging for iPhone, last year, in iOS 13 and many complained that the feature isn’t working as expected.
The option was extended to Macs, one month ago, with the release of macOS Catalina 10.15.5. Can this really work for AirPods though?

How To Enable Optimized Battery Charging For AirPods

how to turn off optimized battery charging for airpods
Updated (October 31)
The AirPods smart charging is enabled by default as soon as you update your iPhone iOS 14.2 or later. You can also manually enable/disable Optimized Battery Charging option in Settings:
1. On the paired iPhone, open the Settings app.
2. Tap on Bluetooth.
3. Locate your AirPods and thap the blue ‘i’ icon, next to Connected.
4. Use the toggle next to ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ to turn the feature On or Off.

Fact: Check out the new AirPods connection screen that confirms when Optimized Battery Charging is enabled!

Optimized Battery Charging Explained

Research has shown that Li-Ion batteries degrade faster if they remain plugged in for a long time after they finish charging to full capacity. The chemical ageing is accelerated and the amount of charge they can store starts decreasing. This leads to less battery life and lower peak performance.

The Optimized Battery Charging feature has the role to learn the charging patterns of your iPhone, Mac and now, AirPods. This way it can pause a charge at 80% and continue charging to full capacity only a short time before you’re supposed to unplug your device.

Optimized Battery Charging Not Working

However, many iPhone users complained that the Optimized Battery Charging feature does not work. Considering that iPhones which are usually charged every night, making this a predictable action, what about the wireless EarPhones?

AirPods Optimized Battery Charging success rate could be very low. Do you know anyone with a predictive charging pattern? What would really be helpful is a manual option of charging the battery to 80%. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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