AirPods Pro Firmware Update 2D27 Now Available For Download

Airpods Pro firmware 2D27

Airpods Pro firmware 2D27.

It’s not only Developer Betas that’s Apple releasing these days. The AirPods Pro can be updated to version 2D27. This new software update comes to replace the existing 2D15 firmware that was released at the beginning of May. It’s only the second AirPods Pro software update for the year, but this is normal because the wireless earphones come with a minor firmware in comparison to Apple’s other gadgets like the Mac, iPhone, iPad and even the Apple Watch.

AirPods Pro firmware 2D27 doesn’t come with many details. Apple doesn’t provide an update log, as it’s the case with its other more popular operating systems. We can only speculate that update 2D27 is here to fix the AirPods Pro rattling sound problem and other user reported issues regarding the Active Noise Cancellation feature.

AirPods Pro Firmware 2D27 New Feature

Apple informed us during the WWDC 2020 keynote that the AirPods Pro will receive a new feature in iOS 14. It’s a spatial audio option that brings the surround sound experience to your wireless earbuds. Advanced motion tracking and device location techniques will be used to make the AirPods Pro sound like your own cinema city.
Firmware 2D27 could lay the foundation for this new feature and that’s the farthest that we can go with speculation at this point.

How To Upgrade AirPods Pro To Firmware 2D27

Unlike the Apple Watch the wireless earbuds don’t have a dedicated app on the companion iPhone, that allows you to check for updates and tweak other settings.
This is why the AirPods upgrade to new firmware versions automatically. However, you can follow these steps to rush the update process:
1. Place the AirPods in their case.
2. Connect the case to a power source.
3. Pair your AirPods to your iOS or iPadOS device.
Fact: After you complete these steps the AirPods should begin updating to the new firmware in a couple of minutes.

Important: Firmware update 2D27 is only available for the AirPods Pro!

How To Check AirPods Pro Firmware Version

AirPods Pro firwmare update history Use this tutorial to check if your AirPods Pro are updated to firmware 2D27.
1. Connect your AirPods Pro to your iPhone or iPad.
2. Open the Settings app.
3. Select General.
4. Tap About.
5. Check the code next to the Firmware Version label.

Are your AirPods Pro running on firmware version 2D27? Do you experience any positive or negative changes in terms of sound quality, battery life or anything else? Let us know in the comments section available below.

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