AirPods Pro Optimized Charging Popup Text Missing? (Fixed!)

AirPods Pro Popup Text missing

AirPods Pro Popup Text missing

Is the AirPods Pro Optimized Battery Charging popup not displaying text properly? You’re not getting the Turn off until tomorrow option, but see CHARGE_NOW_ACTION_TITLE instead? This is a glitch that surfaced during the iOS 15.2 beta testing stage.

AirPods Pro OBC Placeholder Text Not Displaying

AirPods Pro turn off until tomorrow missing text
Are your AirPods Pro displaying a strange card on the iPhone screen while charging? The current charging status of the case and the earbuds is displayed, followed by a strange text that reads:

This happens because iOS 15 fails to replace placeholder text with strings of data provided:
Instead of OBC_LABEL_TEXT it should display Optimized Battery Charging.
DEADLINE_LABEL_TEXT should be replaced by the time when AirPods are scheduled to finish charging.
CHARGE_NOW_ACTION_TITLE should display the Turn off until tomorrow option.

How To Fix AirPods Pro Popup With Text Missing

This issue has started occurring on our device after installing the iOS 15.2 beta versions. We’ve reported the bug to Apple and we hope that the problem will be fixed until iOS 15.2 is released to the general public.


1. Restart iPhone

In the meantime you can temporarily fix it by force restarting iPhone.

2. Change Language

how to change iphone language
You can also try changing iPhone language to force your device to reload these strings:

  • Open Settings and browse for General -> Language & Region -> iPhone Language.
  • Select a different language, it can be English (Australia), for example. Confirm selection.
  • Screen turns black and you get the Setting Language… message.
  • Go back to iPhone Language and return to English (US) or whatever language you use.

Is the AirPods Pro Optimized Battery Charging popup displaying text properly now? Do you have a better solution? Use the comments section to share your feedback.

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