Alarms Not Showing On Lock Screen? Alarms Off iOS 16.1 Bug?

alarm widget broken ios 16.1

Alarm widget broken ios 16.1

Alarm not showing on Lock Screen? Top Lock Screen widget displays ‘Alarms Off’ although an alarm is scheduled for the next morning? Small alarm widget shows ‘NO’ instead of the actual alarm time, after iOS 16.1 update?

Alarm Not Showing On Lock Screen?

This issue has been reported by James14 in the comments section of our iOS 16.1 review page:

“Upcoming alarm not showing in Lock Screen widget. ‘NO’ is displayed instead of the alarm time.”

Problem has been also confirmed by Lee and Adrian:

“I have same issu.Lock Screen says ALARM OFF but I have alarm set for next day.”

The issue seems widespread. We found similar complaints on Reddit:

“Since I updated to 16.1, my alarms are not showing on my Lock Screen. It just says no alarms but they are set.”

The good news is that alarms work and go off as scheduled. It’s just the Lock Screen widget that’s broken. But this is still very annoying and confusing indeed.

How To Fix Alarms Off in iOS 16

Apple will have to address this bug in an upcoming software update. Until then, you can apply the following workarounds:

1. Turn Alarm Off and Back On

  • Tap the broken widget and the Alarm app opens up.
  • Turn your upcoming alarm Off and back On using the switch.
  • Exit the app and check the Lock Screen again. Does the alarm show up in the widget?
  • Fact: The downside of this fix is that it’s only temporary and you have to repeat it every day.

2. Edit Alarm Time

  • Tap on Alarms Off to open the app.
  • Tap on your upcoming alarm and change the time forwards or backwards. One minute is enough. Save.

    Fact: This is temporary too and you’ll have to redo it every day.

Have you managed to fix alarms not showing up on iPhone in iOS 16? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments section available below.

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