App Store Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sales for iPhone and iPad

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App Store Black Friday Sales!

Today it’s the Black Friday of 2014 and besides wishing you a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and a great weekend together with your family, I also want to inform you about the applications and games available on sale at the App Store, during the entire weekend! Cyber Monday deals are also covered!

If you wish to enrich your iPhone or iPad apps collection, now it’s time to download formerly paid software for free, or heavily discounted. I suggest you to bookmark this page and return in the upcoming hours, as our staff is continuously scanning the Internet.

We are updating this post whenever new sales, when they become available.

How To Grab iOS Black Friday Sales
app store logo Below, you find a list with all apps & games discounted during these holidays. Tap the application and you’ll be instantly redirected to the App Store download page. Most software is discounted during Black Friday, for the entire Thanksgiving weekend and even during Cyber Monday!

App Store Black Friday Deals
Download and install the following apps on your iPhone or iPad. Grab the sales and freebies right now!
1. Things $9.99 (FREE) – Is available free of charge. Today ONLY! It’s a productivity app, a great task manager. A must grab!
2. Geekbench 3 (FREE) – Test your iOS Device with this premium benchmark tester. Measure the performance of your iPhone and see how it compares with other available models.
3. Instagrab (FREE) – This Instragram companion is now downloadable free for a limited time only! It’s most important feature allows you to download photos and videos from Instragram to iPhone / iPad.
4. TeeVee 3 (FREE) – An entertainment application that tracks over 30,000 TV shows and keeps you update with all the new information.
5. Pro Camera 8 (75% Discount) – Thanksgiving deals for this app come for the In-App Purchases. A great photo & video application that provides state-of-the-art technology!
6. Fantastical 2 (60% Discount) – one of the best iOS calendar apps. Supports iOS 8 of course.
7. TurboScan (FREE) – Grab this Thanksgiving 48 hour promotion from Piksoft and bring your paper documents in PDF or JPGE files on your iOS device.
8. Scanner Pro (50% Discount) – A business app that allows you to rapidly scan and store a digital version of a paper document.
9. PDF Expert 5 (50% Discount) – Available for 48 hours only! A great Black Friday sale for anyone that works with PDF documents.
10. Printer Pro (50% Discount) – Print media, documents or web pages from your iPhone or iPad on any printer with WiFi or USB connectivity.
11. Buzz Player (FREE) – On sale until December 1st. A multimedia player that can handle numerous video codecs and file formats. It can play almost anything, including streaming protocols.
12. Camera Plus (50% Discount) – Facilitates photo snapping using a remote control via AirSnap along other high-end features.
13. Core Yoga (FREE) – Get this health & fitness app free of charge. It provides a great 11-minute Yoga toning routine.
14. Plex (60% Discount) – Manage and share your media with Plex. Stream your videos, movies and photos from a computer to an iPhone or iPad. Also, install Plex Media Server on your computer to establish connectivity.
15. Gist (50% Discount) – Provides simple summaries of your news articles. This app is on sale from now until Cyber Monday!
16. Convertr (FREE) – Covers 450 units so you might be able to perform conversions that are not available with Siri or Google.
17. Captune (FREE) – Creates memorable videos using your Camera Roll items and adding a tune, filters and some great compilation features.
18. Pixel Picker (FREE) – A great utility app for developers. Provides pixel color information from screen shots and images on your iPhone or iPad. Get this sale now and save $1!
19. Remindly (FREE) – Its a newly released app that will surly create order from chaos. It comes with auto-snooze feature and it normally costs $4.99!
20. Waterlogue (33% Discount) – A photo editing app that converts your photos into watercolors. It will stir the artist within you.
21. Screens VNC (50% Discount) – This utility app shared by Edovia allows you to control your computer via your iOS device. You have time until Cyber Monday to grab this substantial $10 discount!
22. iTranslate Voice (75% Discount) – Speak to your iPhone and have the option to hear you back in 42 different languages, with the help of this great translator and dictionary.
23. Molecules (30% Discount) – A deal available for the entire weekend allows you to purchase this educational app that covers an interesting chemistry subject.
24. Sumptus (75% Discount) – A finance application that allows you to efficiently keep track of your expenses. It’s customized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus too.
25. Flowboard Education (60% Off) – A piece of software very handy for teachers and students. It contributes to education by enhancing presentations.
26. Launch Center Pro (40% Discount) – Promises to enhance the productivity of your actions performed on an iPhone, because it facilitates shortcuts. Be one tap away from calling a predetermined contact and much more.
27. GoodReader (85% Off) – Is labeled by many reviewers as the best PDF reading engine. This massive sale is available until Cyber Monday!
28. Star Walk (60% Discount) – A great educational app that teaches both adult and offspring about over 200,000 celestial bodies. Gaze up to the skies and use your iPhone to recognize stars and constellations. A must have Black Friday deal!
29. iStudiez Pro (65% Off) – Is a productivity application developed for students. Organize your courses, lectures and labs and become more efficient. It’s on sale until December 5.
30. FX Photo Studio (65% Off) – Grab more high quality filters and photo effects with this App Store sale. It comes with 194 filters and numerous features that allow you to personalize images.
31. Calendars 5 (50% Off) – Comes with the Google Calendar Sync feature. It’s a Readdle app that enhances productivity by improving both task and event planning.
32. Text Expander (75% Off) – Enhance your iPhone and iPad typing experience. This app creates shortcuts from custom abbreviations to long predefined text arrays like email signatures, custom URLs and so on.
33. Alien Blue Pro (FREE) – The popular Reddit iOS app comes with an unexpected Cyber Monday deal! Upgrade for the Pro version for free and enhance your socializing experience! Use the link provided here to download & install the app or if you already have it open it, opt for Settings an tap on Upgrade to Pro!

1. Walking Dead: The Game (FREE) – Download and install now Season 2 of this adventure game and grab the 1st episode for free! If you haven’t played Season 1 get it here!
2. Guardians of the Galaxy (FREE) – A battle game that makes you travel around the galaxy and battle using gesture-based combat controls. It doesn’t require Internet connection and doesn’t hide any In-App Purchases.
3. Surgeon Simulator (50% Discount) – Play the surgeon and do your best work on Bob, an unlucky patient that will receive experimental interventions. This is a Thanksgiving price offered by Bossa Studios.
4. Groops (FREE) – A puzzle game now free for your iOS device. Grab this sale from Torched Media now and keep your mind trained!
5. Deep Dungeons of Doom (50% Discount) – Pick a Crusader, Witch or Mercenary and attempt to master the dungeons!
6. Heads Up! (FREE) – A great guessing game promoted by Ellen DeGeneres in her show. Brings great moments along your friends!
7. Shadowrun Returns (40% Discount) – Is a role-playing game with the action taking place in year 2054. If this isn’t enough to grab your attention maybe the Black Friday sale will!
8. Twelve a Dozen (50% Discount) – Is a nice educational piece of software for children. It combines maths with adventure and could be a great addition for your family.
9. Thomas Was Alone (50% Discount) – If you wish to try a different type of game and steal a Cyber Monday discount you can opt for this platformer mixed with puzzle elements.
10. Sentinel 4: Dark Star (50% Discount) – Is a strategy game that covers the interstellar war schematics. This sale is available only for Thanksgiving.
11. Mega Man X (50% Discount) – Control Mega Man and it’s superpowers for half of this games’ normal price. Sale available only this weekend!
12. MetalWars 3 (FREE) – Another App Store Thanksgiving freebie. A ware game that features very realistic battle fields and impressive graphics.
13. Badland (75% Discount) – The 2013 App Store iPad game of the year is now on sale. Download this adventure platformer and save $3.
14. Deemo (50% Off) – released by Rayark Inc. A rhythm game, with a deep story, that promises to keep you spellbound.
15. Dragon Quest IV (33% Off) – An App Store adventure game that doesn’t ask for any in-app purchases. Square Enix Inc. guarantee at least 40 hours of gameplay!
16. The Dark Knight Rises (75% Off) – Gameloft sales a great RPG game that’s inspired by the famous movie. Graphics are incredible for a mobile device software. Many consider this one of the best iPhone games available on the App Store.
17. Prince of Persia (75% Off) – Is a classic action game that is available for $0.99 during Cyber Monday at the App Store. IF you wish to be reminded of your childhood classic opt for this Ubisoft piece of software.

If you notice other apps and games that are free or discounter from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, feel free to comment or contact and share them with us. We will add them to the collection! Happy Holidays!