Apple Books Current Issue On System Status Web Page (Ongoing for +28 Hours)

Apple Books current issue report on System Status web page

Apple Books current issue report on System Status web page.

The Apple System Status support page confirms that there is an ongoing issue with the Apple Books service.
That’s not something out of the ordinary, as Apple services can often encounter minor problems or brief downtimes.
However, what’s worrying and strange in the same time, is that the current Apple Book issue hasn’t been solved in the past 28 hours.

I don’t think that we ever witnessed such a long downtime for a service provided by Apple.
The System Status mentions that only ‘some users are affected’.
Are you experiencing any difficulties when using Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, Mac? There aren’t too many details about the nature of the reported issue. The info screen just mentions the general term ‘problem’.

Apple Books Service Issue

Start time: Yesterday, 4:10 AM (August 13)
Status: Ongoing for more than 28 hours. (Time of publishing this article August 14, 8:55 AM.
Update: Resolved (The System Status page now reports the issue as resolved at 8:34 AM, although we noted in the original post that at 8:55 AM the issue was still figuring as ongoing)
Total Duration: 28 hours and 25 minutes
Widespread: ‘Some users are affected’.
Description: ‘Users may be experiencing a problem with this service’.

Apple Books Service Testing

We’ve tried to replicate any potential Apple Books service problem on our own iPhone, iPad or Mac but couldn’t find any issues.
Are you facing any problems with this e-book reading service provided by Apple? Can you download books from the store? Let us know with the help of the comments section available below. In case you’re having problems with the service please detail them and let us know your region.

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