Apple COVID-19 Screening App For iPhone And iPad

Apple COVID-19 screening tool app

Apple COVID-19 screening tool app.

Apple has partnered with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), The White House Coronavirus Task Force and FEMA and came up with a Screening Tool for the COVID-19 pandemic. There are also lots of resources included, related to the new coronavirus that’s turning the world upside down. Apple’s new screening tool is available under the form of an app. Users from the United Stats can find it in the App Store under the name of Apple COVID-19, or use this direct download link to download it on their iPhone and iPad.

Inexplicably, the app requires your device to run iOS 13.1 or later. This currently blocks around 30% of iPhone users and 43% of iPad users from being able to access the screening tool. If you fall in this category and use an older iOS version on your device, there is a second option. The screening tool is also available under the form of a website. You can access it from your Safari browser and start screening here.

Apple COVID-19 Screening App Info
Direct Download link: Apple COVID-19
Availability: United States
Devices: iPhone, iPod and iPad.
Size: 6.1 MB.
Requirements: iOS 13.1 or newer.

How To Screen Yourself For COVID-19
apple covid-19 app screening result 1. Open the app and tap Screen Yourself or Screen for Someone else.
2. If you experience the symptoms listed, stop the screening and call 911 immediatley. Symptoms in question are: constant chest pain or pressure, extreme difficulty breathing, severe, constant dizziness or lightheadedness, slurred speech, difficulty waking up.
3. Else, select if you have one of the symptoms, or none of them. If you confirm one of the symptoms you will be asked to call 911.
4. Mention your group age. Under 18, between 18 and 64, 65 or older.
5. Your asked again about a series of symptoms. Select if you experience one of them. Else opt for “None of the above.”
6. Next, you’re asked about pre-existing health conditions. Some of the mentioned conditions are: Asthma or chronic lung disease, Pregnancy, Diabetes with complications, Diabestes or conditions that make it harder to cough, Kidney failure that needs dialysis, Cirrhosis of the liver, Weakened immune system, Congestive heart failure, Extreme Obesity or None of the above.
7. Next questions refers to travelling. Have you traveled internationally in the past 14 days?
8. Mention if you’ve been in an area where COVID-19 is widespread, in the last 14 days?
9. Have you been in contact with someone that’s been infected with the new coronavirus?
10. Do you work in a care facility?
Conclusion: Depending on your situation, you will be recommended either to maintain social distancing, to go for a COVID-19 test or to contact a doctor!

Fact: You can use the screening tool to screen yourself or someone else!

Apple COVID-19 Screening App Facts

  • Simple screening tool that helps you self-asses your current health status and let’s you know if you should contact your doctor or just apply social distancing for the time being. These recommendations will be provided after you answer to a few questions regarding symptoms, your recent travels and the contacts that you have with potential infected persons.
  • Save results because they might be helpful in the eventuality that you will experience the symptoms and get the disease in the upcoming days. The info will be useful to your loved ones when they report your status to the doctors.
  • COVID-19 prevention tips: lear now to properly was you hands, disinfect surfaces, experience social distancing, quarantine and monitor your symptoms.
  • COVID-19 Q&A: find out answers to the most frequently asked questions, like how to recognize the symptoms or who is at risk of serious illness.
  • Data Protection: all the data that you share in this app is encrypted with a passcode and won’t be shared with anyone unless you provide your consent.

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