Apple Launches New Apple Watch Recycling Program With Up To $175 Worth Of Gift Cards

handing over old Apple Watch

Handing over old Apple Watch.

Are you looking to upgrade your Apple Watch to the Series 3 model? Now, you have a new option to complete the budget because Apple has updated its Apple Watch Recycling Program with a gift card offer. Bring back any watchOS device in working condition and you can get up to $175 worth of a voucher that you can use in an online or offline Apple Store to purchase the new wrist-worn gadget or any other Apple device.

All that you have to do is to ship your Apple Watch to Brightstar. You can use your own packaging or ask the third party company to send you a trade-in box. Do mind that the watchOS device has to been in working condition. Normal wear and tear is accepted, but you won’t receive a gift card if your old Apple Watch is suffering from liquid damage. Broken display or unresponsive buttons are also not accepted. Your gadget has to be able to power On.

Apple Watch Trade-In Gift Card Rewards
As expected not all old watchOS device trigger a $175 gift card. Depending on the model and size the voucher can be as low as $50.
– Original Apple Watch: gets the lowest payout. A 38 mm Apple Watch Sport model saves you only $50, while the stainless steel model is worth $75.
– Apple Watch Series 1: voucher codes for these models range within $100.
– Apple Watch Series 2: the 42mm stainless steel Apple Watch is rewarded with a $175 voucher code, while the aluminum model is worth $125 for Apple.

Apple Watch Recycling Program Inspection Questions
After selecting the model that you wish to trade-in, you have to answer to 5 yes/no questions that relate to the Watch’s working condition. Here is what to expect:
1. Does your device power on and function normally?
2. Is the enclosure in good conditions? (Normal wear and tear is accepted)
3. Is the device free from obvious signs of liquid contact?
4. Is the display in good condition? (Normal wear and tear is accepted)
5. Are the buttons in good working condition?

Fact: If you answer No to any one of these questions you can kiss goodbye to a voucher code. Apple will only offer you the free and environmental disposal option.

Info: If you qualify for a monetary trade-in be aware that you have to erase all data from the Apple Watch and charge it fully before dispatching it to Brightstar.

Tip: In most cases you might end up cashing-in more if you list your old Apple Watch on eBay or any other similar platform for selling used tech! Nevertheless, compared to other trade-ins the rewards are similar. More, you can leave out the original charger and bands. This adds a little bit more to the gift card value, but it’s still lower than selling it on eBay.

More: Apple, via Brightstar, is offering gift card rewarded trade-ins for other mobile products like iPhones, iPads, Macs, PCs, and smartphones from third-party manufacturers. More details about this recycling offer can be found here.