Apple Music Classical Not Available, Not Working?

apple music classical not available

Apple Music Classical not available

Apple Music Classical not available or not working? New app works on your iPhone but won’t show up on other devices like iPad or Mac? There’s nothing wrong with your devices!

Apple Music Classical Not Available?

apple music classical not available for ipad and mac
At the time of writing this new music app is only available on iPhone models updated to iOS 16.4 or later!

You also need an Apple Music Subscription for the classical app to work!

Apple Music Classical is available in the App Store. (direct link)

Fact: The app is currently not available in the App Store if you browse it from an iPad or Mac! It’s exclusive to the iPhone!

Apple Music Classical Country Restrictions

If your iPhone meets all the requirements but Apple Music Classical is still not available you’re most likely browsing from one of the following countries: China, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Turkey.

According to Apple’s news document Apple Music Classical for Android is coming soon!

Apple Music Classical Not Available?

An AM voice subscription is not enough. You need a full Apple Music subscription for the Classical app to work.

More: Apple Music Classical tracks can’t be downloaded on your device! This means that you need an active Internet connection for the service to work.

Have you tried out Apple Music Classical? What’s your feedback? Encountering any other problems? Use the comments section.

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