Apple Music Is Now Able To Prevent Duplicate Songs In Playlists

Apple Music duplicate song in Playlist warning.

Apple Music duplicate song in Playlist warning.

I’ve just discovered that Apple Music is finally able to recognize if a song has been previously added to a playlist and thought about sharing this with you. As soon as you attempt to add a track that’s already available in the Playlist you get a prompt that informs you about the situation. You have the options to continue and add the duplicate or to “skip” the addition and keep your playlist duplicate clean.

That’s a welcomed new feature introduced in iOS 13. I assume that I’m not the only one that had problems in the past with duplicate songs in playlist, which can be annoying at some point. Yes, it’s a minor fix and yes it should have been available sooner. Competitors like Spotify and Google Play Music offer this feature since a long time. However, if you’re an Apple Music users I’m sure that you’re glad to hear about it.

how to create an apple music playlist

How To Create An Apple Music Playlist

1. Open Apple Music app.
2. Open the Library tab (bottom-left corner of the screen).
3. Tap on Playlists.
4. Select the “New Playlist” option.
5. Input Playlist Name and optionally a Description and a Photo to be able to recognize the playlist easier.
6. Tap Done to save your changes.

adding a song to apple music playlist

How To Add A Song In Apple Music Playlist

1. Open Apple Music.
2. Browse for the track that you want to add to a playlist.
3. Long Press on the name to unveil the song’s menu.
4. Tap “Add to a Playlist…”
5. Select the playlist from the ones already available or create a new one.