Apple News Crashing iOS 16? App Closing Down Unexpectedly?

apple news crashing ios 16

Apple News crashing iOS 16

Apple News crashing on iPhone after iOS 16 update? App keeps closing down unexpectedly after a couple minutes of usage? News crashes randomly when scrolling through a list of articles? This happens on iPad running iPadOS 16 too?

Apple News Crashing iOS 16

This issue has been reported by Peter:

“Apple News app crashes every 3 minutes. Did not do this until I went to iOS 16.1.1. Tried rebooting, uninstalled app, reinstalled app still the same.”

We couldn’t replicate but have found similar complaints on Apple’s Discussion forums:

“I have always had problems with Apple News App randomly crashing. Since the last update to iOS 16.1 the crashes have become more frequent and annoying especially when scrolling through a list of articles.”

and Reddit:

“Subscriber of News+. Apple news app crash CONSTANTLY while in use! I use my iPad for news and it crashes at least once or twice a night. Also, leaving the app, sending an iMessage, and returning causes a refresh, and me losing my spot in the news app.”

This doesn’t seem to be a wide spread problem, but please prove us wrong by reporting in the comments if you’re also facing Apple News issues in iOS 16. Any details that could help us determine a trigger and report it to Apple are appreciated.

Workaround For Apple News Keeps Crashing

Paul has informed us that he found a temporary fix

1. Clear History

clear apple news history to prevent crashes

  • Whenever you finish reading, tap on Following (in the bottom menu).
  • Go for History and tap Clear (top-right corner).
  • Tap Clear History.

    Apple News should not crash the next time you use it! Does it work for you too?

How To Fix Apple News Crashes Constantly

There’s not much that you can do to fix this issue, at the time of writing.

You can try to reboot device, delete Apple News and reinstall but these troubleshooting options have proved themselves inefficient for other users.

2. Update To iOS 16.1.2

What we can recommend you is to update to iOS 16.1.2, if you have’t done it by now. It’s the most recent software version available. Apple has released it with bug fixes and performance improvements. It might benefit Apple News too.

3. Clean Install iOS 16

You can also try to reinstall the most recent iOS 16 version using a computer and a Lightning to USB (USB-C) cable. A wired installation could flush glitches that might have been carried on by over-the-air updates.

How to: A step-by-step guide is available here.

Have you managed to fix Apple News keeps crashing on iPhone or iPad in iOS 16? Do you have a better solution or other bugs to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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