Apple Pay Receives Person To Person Money Transfer Feature In iOS 11 Messages

Apple Pay Person to Person money transfer feature.

Apple Pay Person to Person money transfer feature.

With iOS 11 you are able to instantly send money to your friends that own an iPhone, iPad or an Apple device that supports Apple Pay. Payment is done fast and easy via the stock Messages app, as long as both the sender as well as the receiver are operating in a country that supports Apple’s wireless payment system. The built-in Wallet app now also includes the Apple Pay Cash section that collects incoming payments and store the funds for upcoming expenses.

Money available on your virtual Apple Pay Cash card are stored securely and can be instantly spend via Apple Pay online, in stores, apps or via the above mentioned Person to Person transfer feature. Of course, that you can also withdraw the funds to your bank account in use them outside Apple’s payment ecosystem. A single fingerprint is enough to release your payments with the help of Touch ID!

How To Easily Pay Friends With Apple Pay
apple pay money transfer via iMessage iOS 11 is able to recognize and highlight monetary values that are found in the content of Messages. Whenever you want to send money to a Contact, just mention about it within an iMessage and follow these steps:
1. Open Messages and select and existing conversation thread or create a new one with the Contact that you want to pay.
2. Mention the money transfer amount within a text.
3. Tap on the amount and iOS 11 will automatically open up an Apple Pay widget.
4. Select the amount you want to transfer and tap on Pay.
5. Next, hit the Send button to dispatch the iMessage.
6. Review the payment details and confirm the transfer with the help of Touch ID.

How To Request Money Via iMessage
confirm person to person apple pay with touch ID You can also ask for cash if you have a friends that owes you money.
1. Open Messages and browse the the conversation with the selected Contact.
2. Mention the amount of money you want to receive and open the Apple Pay widget.
3. Instead of tapping Pay, hit Request and your friend will be messaged to send you money.

Fact: iOS 11 will be publicly released this fall, however it’s currently available for beta testing. If you want to try it out yourself, you can learn here how to download and install it for free!