Apple Publishes ‘Sway’ Holiday Ad To Highlight The iPhone X And The AirPods

Apple's 'Sway' winter holiday ad screenshot.

Apple’s ‘Sway’ winter holiday ad screenshot.

It’s that time of the year when big companies promote their top products with the help of holiday themed ads that aim to persuade customers to go out and purchase the advertised item because it makes a great Christmas gift. Apple has a history with releasing great Winter themed ads and the Cupertino-based tech giant has just published ‘Sway’. This year’s holiday clip highlights, as expected, the iPhone X and the AirPods.

You can watch the 100-second ad in the YouTube video embedded below and convince yourself that the iPhone X screen now works in cold temperatures. You’ll depict a charming woman swiping up to unlock the iPhone X and starting music playback on her AirPods. She chooses the song “Palace” by Sam Smith (Download link), tune that was released only 19 days ago. Once the music starts playing she starts an immersive contemporary dancing experience on the streets of a snowy city.

She then bumps into a man, with whom she shares an AirPod and turns him into her partner. The two continue the odyssey through the wintry landscape providing a ‘So you think you can dance’ worthy performance. Towards the end they fall briefly in love, but everything happened only in her imagination. She comes out of her day-dream and the two protagonists continue their separate paths on the street. The ad ends with the memo ‘move someone this holiday’.

Apple’s Sway iPhone X & AirPods Winter Holiday Ad

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