Apple Watch Compass Not Working In watchOS 9? (Fix!)

Compass not working watchOS 9

Compass not working watchOS 9?

Is the Apple Watch Compass not working in watchOS 9? It’s stuck at calibrating, spinning in a loop, similar to a radar scanner? You’re not the only one experiencing this issue! Thankfully, there’s a quick fix for it!

Compass Not Working In watchOS 9

This issue has been reported by Chris on our watchOS 9 review page:

“Compass isn’t working even after restart, when watch os 9 is installed.”

It’s been confirmed by Radu:

“Same here. I restarted the watch, toggled access to precise location on/off and still nothing!”

Maximus experiences Compass problems too:

“New compass not working after update, it’s spinning without stopping. unusable”

Couldn’t replicate the issue at the time of writing, but found similar reports on Reddit.

How To Fix Apple Watch Compass Not Working

Thankfully this watchOS 9 issue can be easily fixed in Settings. Here are the common troubleshooting ways:

1. Enable Compass Calibration

The Compass seems to be stuck calibrating, so make sure that it has access to the Location Services:

  • On the paired iPhone open Settings and scroll for Privacy & Security.
  • Tap on Location Services.
  • Scroll for System Services
  • Turn ON Compass Calibration.

2. Toggle True North Setting

Compass still stuck? Next up, you should tweak the True North option in:
compass true north setting

  • Settings -> Compass -> True North
  • Turn On True North, wait a couple of seconds and turn it back OFF!

Did you manage to fix Apple Watch compass stuck on calibrating? Do you have a better solution or other questions? Use the comments to share your feedback!

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