Apple Watch Do Not Disturb Mode Tips

apple watch do not disturb on

Apple Watch Do Not Disturb Mode mode On.

We all have our moments when we wish to remain distraction free, at least for a little while! Now, with the Apple Watch on our wrist, we added yet another source of beeps, ringers and other sounds as well as haptics! They try their best to make sure that we don’t miss an important notification, under the form of messages, mails, calls, updates and so on. Happily, the same Do Not Disturb mode available on our iPhone, is also found on the smartwatch!

The Activity app as well as other software used on the Apple Watch, pile up notifications on top of the regular ones, pushed from the iOS device. Yes, you can tweak alerts from the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and filter out unnecessary notifications, but you’ll still have moments when you wish complete silence from your smartwatch and phone. Do Not Disturb provides the only way to fully shutdown visual, audio and sensitive distractions, but still allow your devices to record and keep track of notifications, which can be reviewed later on.

How To Enable\Disable Do Not Disturb
do not disturb icon on apple watch face The easiest way to bring your watch in complete silence is via glances. Flick your wrist and tap the Digital Crown until you reach the Watch Face. Now, swipe up for the Power glance, which is usually, the first app summary available in the list. Here you find the Do Not Disturb icon, between the Airplane mode and Silent buttons. Tap it and your Apple Watch will get dead still.
No sounds or haptics will play when a new notification lands! Repeat the process to disable Do Not Disturb!

Activate/Deactivate Do Not Disturb From iPhone
do not disturb mirror iphone setting If you open the Apple Watch app on your iOS device and browse to My Watch -> Do Not Disturb you can choose to enable Mirror iPhone. This means that both paired devices will enter in Do Not Disturb function when the option is activated on one of them. The same goes for disabling it!
On iPhone, the Do Not Disturb feature is easily activated from the Control Center.
Swipe up from the bottom of your display and tap the Do Not Disturb button available next to the Bluetooth and Orientation Lock icons.

Do Not Disturb Mode Settings
do not disturb iphone settings Currently there are no particular tweaks for the Apple Watch, when it comes to this option. You have to set up Do Not Disturb from your iOS device and all changes will impact watch OS too. Grab your iPhone and browse to Settings -> Do Not Disturb. Here you can choose to activate the feature manually, or schedule automatic activation. You can choose adjust the call allowance degree and filter out calls. Mute all, allow calls from your Favorites, or permit incoming calls from everyone and keep all other alerts silenced! You can also choose to kill alerts only when smartphone is locked. Another tweak authorizes your iOS device to let a second call alert, from the same contact, to go through the filter and ring, if it’s landing within 3 minutes from the first one!

The Difference between Do Not Disturb and Airplane mode is that the first silences all alerts, but keeps track of them, allowing you to review everything missed when you check your devices, while Airplane mode kills all connectivity and you can’t be reached, thus no missed notifications will be generated. More, Airplane mode blocks only Calls, and Messages and Internet Related Alerts. However, it won’t silence the Activity app notifications on your Apple Watch, for example!

Tip: Make the difference between Do Not Disturb and Silent modes! The second one only disables audio alerts, maintaining visual and vibrations!