Apple Watch Dots On Watch Face Dial Instead Of Numbers?

Apple Watch dots on dial bug

Apple Watch dots on dial bug

Is your Apple Watch showing three dots on dial instead of the numbers for some hours? Does this happen only on Watch Faces that use the analog dial, like GMT? This is a minor watchOS 8 bug that can be easily fixed in Settings.

Apple Watch Dots on Dial?

This issue has been reported by Oliver on our watchOS 8.1 review page:

“I’m seeing dots instead of numbers on GMT Watch Face! Is this a known issue?”

We could replicate it on an older Apple Watch 3 model!

Strange enough, the numbers 10 and 12 are replaced by three dots. And, these dots seem larger in width than the actual numbers they replace. The issue must be heigh related!

Are you experiencing the same issue? Please share it in the comments section. Do mention your Apple Watch model too!

How To Fix Apple Watch Three Dots On Dial

Apparently this issue is caused by a bug that isn’t able to fit all numbers on the dial, when the Bold Text setting is turned ON.

how to turn Bold Text off

Until Apple fixes this glitch in an upcoming software update, you have to disable the Bold feature:

  • Click the Digital Crown.
  • Tap on Settings and scroll for Display & Brightness.
  • Turn Off Bold Text.

Has the above tip helped you out to fix this Apple Watch bug? Do you have a better solution or further questions? Use the comments section and share your feedback.

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