Apple Watch Series 6: Bumps Under The Screen (Should You Replace?)

apple watch with bumps under screen

Apple Watch with bumps under screen. Source: Reddit

Has your brand new Apple Watch Series 6 shipped with some tiny bumps under the screen? This seems to be a minor manufacturing flaw that has been reported by other Apple Watch owners too. The lumps are so small that they’re only visible from certain viewing angles, when the display is off.

The Apple Watch screen bumps don’t disrupt the user-experience and aren’t noticeable when you’re actively using the device. In fact, these lumps can’t be felt when the screen is touched because they seem to be protruding under the glass.

Should You Replace Apple Watch?

If you notice this imperfection early enough, you should be able to get a replacement unit without too much hassle. Just bring your watch back to an Apple Store and ask for an inspection.
However, the Apple Watch screen bumps don’t seem to have any negative impact. If you want to be 100% sure go ahead and check it out and if you feel that you can’t live with it and want a perfect device for the money that you paid, insist for a replacement.

Fact: Similar bumps under the screen have also been confirmed for the Apple Watch SE, and even older watchOS devices! Did you notice lumps on your Apple Watch screen too? Use the comments section to share your feedback and help us asses how common this manufacturing imperfection is!

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