Apple Watch Third Party Complications Available With watchOS 2

apple watch with third party complications

Apple Watch with third party Complications on Modular Watch Face.

Complications is the term used by Apple for the info modules that you can select to display on your Watch Face. Depending on each background there are several areas that support these little widgets. Depending on size we can differentiate between three types of complications: small, standard and expanded views. The smallest widget can be displayed on the Color Watch Face and it’s called Monogram. It displays the owner’s initials or any up to 4-character-long predefined combination.

The standard Complications are the most common ones. They’re round-shaped and can be accommodated by a large number of Watch Faces including: Simple, Utility, Modular, Color, Mickey and Chronograph. The expanded views are larger rectangular widgets that can display additional data. These big info modules are supported by the Modular, Utility and Mickey Watch Faces.

Third Party Complications on Apple Watch
third party app complication setup The initial watchOS version supports only Complications provided by the stock apps. Meaning that the available number of widgets is predefined and restricted to the ones provided by Apple. However, the situation will significantly change with the watchOS 2 release. The upcoming version allows third party app developers to create software for the Apple Watch, that includes Watch Face modules. Basically we can expect, all those apps that support widget integration, in the iPhone Notification Center, to also provide Complications for the Apple Watch.
As this liberalization was presented by Apple’s officials, during WWDC 2015, examples such as Complications showing airline flight times can be supported by the extended view of the Modular Watch Face. Standard view widgets can display the status of your car charging process, your favorite team’s scores and pretty much any piece of info that is available on an Apple Watch app.

How To Use Complications
Apple Watch widgets have a double role. They provide info at a glance directly on your Watch Face and also represent a shortcut for the app in question. Meaning that a single tap on a widget, opens up the full application on your Apple Watch. This is why it’s important to personalize backgrounds with the info modules you use most. Try to have a Watch Face for your main moments of the day: Work, Home and Gym. Use info modules such as Calendar, Stocks, Alarm Clock while you’re at your office. Switch for Activity, Stopwatch and Timer when you start working out and pick a different set of complications while at home. With third party widgets you’ll be able to choose from a larger variety including Apple Music controls, remote light switchers for your home and many others that will bring you one step closer to the sci-fi movies technology!

Fact: New Watch Faces will also be available this autumn, with watchOS 2. I’m talking about the Time-Lapse and Photo Album ones! However, the amount of supported complications will be limited.

Tip: For detailed info regarding Watch Face customization please read this article.