Apple Watch Ultra Scratches On Frame / Screen! (Case/Naked)

apple watch ultra scratches on metal frame

Apple Watch Ultra scratches on metal frame

Did you get any Apple Watch Ultra scratches on the metal frame? A recent post on Reddit that showcases a day-one incident during a bouldering session has gone viral! The AW Ultra metal frame took a hit, but saved the screen!

Apple Watch Ultra Scratches

We’re trying to find out how easy to scratch the new premium AW is in real-life usage and not only from staged scratch, drop and impact tests.

If you experienced an incident that left some marks on the Ultra, don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments and send us a photo at

Metal Frame Scratches

  • 1. Apple Watch Ultra scratched during bouldering session. Reported by Skwermo.
    apple watch ultra metal frame scratched
  • 2. Apple Watch Ultra frame dent by a stone staircase railing. Reported by Aaronnm.
    apple watch ultra dent from stone staircaise railing
  • To be updated.

Apple Watch Ultra Screen Scratches

  • 1. To be updated.

Apple Watch Ultra Protected or Naked?

How are you wearing your $800 watch? Have you applied a case, or at least a screen protector on it, or you prefer it naked, because ultimately you’re dealing with the strongest and most durable Apple Watch ever build?

Share your feedback in the comments please!

Cases And Screen Protectors

If you want to stay on the safe side and aim to keep your Apple Watch Ultra in pristine condition, we recommend you the following protections:

Apple Watch Ultra Screen Protectors

Apple Watch Ultra Cases

  • 1. Spigen Apple Watch Ultra case with screen protector [More Info on Amazon]
    spigen apple watch ultra case with screen protector
  • 2. TAURI Apple Watch Ultra case with screen cover [Buy now on Amazon]
    tauri apple watch ultra case with screen cover
  • 3. Recoppa Apple Watch Ultra Bumper Case [Buy now on Amazon]
    recoppa apple watch ultra bumper case
  • Disclaimer: has an affiliate partnership with Amazon. If you purchase a product after clicking the above links, we will receive a small commission that helps us covers website costs. The final price of your product isn’t influenced by this incentive!

How’s your Apple Watch Ultra holding up? Are you satisfied with its roughness and durability? Share your feedback in the comments.

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