Best iOS Apps For Cooking A Great Thanksgiving Dinner

iOS apps with thanksgiving recipes

iOS apps with Thanksgiving recipes.

Thanksgiving Day is only a few hours away and I think that an app collection with delicious recipes for this holiday comes in handy for those of you that are still undecided about what Thanksgiving menu you’re going to cook for this last Thursday of November. No matter if you’re looking for a special breakfast, a healthy lunch or a dinner feast for the entire family, you’ll be well served by the software listed below.

The Thanksgiving cooking app collection for your iPhone and iPad includes both applications that focus only on this harvest day holiday as well as general cooking apps that host a special Thanksgiving section. You’ll find recipes for beginners as well as experienced home cooks. Vegetarians and vegans aren’t omitted and neither are those of you that or on a weight loss scheme or suffer from certain allergies.

8 Apps For A Great Thanksgiving Dinner
1. Best Thanksgiving Recipes For All (FREE) – includes meal planning, recipes and tips for this great holiday. You’ll find recipes specially tailored for kids, for those of you that count calories and more helpful for those of you that plan to host a dinner party!

2. Thanksgiving recipes for healthy & cooking videos (FREE) – This Thanksgiving oriented app includes video demo for its recipes which is a really helpful feat. Another nice feature is the fact that you can search for recipes by ingredient and not only by the name of the meal!

3. Thanksgiving Recipes: Food recipes & cookbook (FREE) – This is another great app for those of you that like to celebrate the year’s harvest. Stream over 500 Thanksgiving themed recipes and delight your loved ones.

4. Yummly (FREE) – Although this isn’t an app specially focused on Thanksgiving you can find some great recipes for this holiday in the seasonal section. What’s great is that you can add your personal preferences like preferred ingredients, mention allergies or any other food restrictions that you have and the app will recommend meals based on your input! Once you lock on a recipe you can instantly transfer the ingredients to the shopping list!

5. Kitchen Stories (FREE) – Of course that Kitchen Stories couldn’t miss this collection. Check out its great guide labeled
“The Quintessential Thanksgiving Menu” which includes step-by-step pictures about how to roast a perfect turkey! You’ll also find more than a dozen other interesting Thanksgiving recipes.

6. Green Kitchen ($3.99) – Although its meals is delicious not everyone can or wants to eat turkey. If you are a vegetarian or have green eating family and friends coming over, use this great app to make sure that you cook a great Thanksgiving feast even if you don’t use meat. Check out some delicious vegan and gluten-free recipes for the side-dish and the main meal!

7. SideChef (FREE) – One more category that we haven’t tackled so far is those of you that love to tryout unique recipes. You don’t have to be an expert cook to prepare meals with SideChef. Use the hands-free mode to cook while you learn. Of course, there is a featured Thanksgiving dishes collection!

8. Big Oven (FREE) – Last but not least if you couldn’t find a recipe in the above mentioned apps you should try this one. BigOven, as the name hints, packs over 350,000 recipes. Browse the recipe feed and bookmark the ones that raise an eyebrow. Check the holiday section for Thanksgiving main dishes and other fall recipes!

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