Top 10 iPhone 12 Memes Mocking No Charger And Outdated Design

iPhone 12 Memes

iPhone 12 Memes

Apple has unveiled the 2020 iPhone lineup during the Hi,Speed digital-only event. Four new iPhone models have been released: iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Their design looks very similar to the iPhone 5. Even though the internals, camera and display are miles away from the vintage iPhone 5 model, memes have started flooding the Internet mocking Apple’s lack of inspiration.

This together with the fact that the new iPhones are shipping without a charger and Earpods in the box have lead fans to create hilarious memes, similar to the ones released last year when Apple released the triple-lens main camera on the iPhone 11 Pro models. Back then, users have compared the backside of the new iPhones with a stove, Terminator’s rocket launcher, a razor machine, Pickachu’s face and much more.

No Charger, No EarPods Decision Triggers Funny Memes

Apple’s most controversial decision is selling the iPhone 12 lineup and all other iPhone models from now on, with no charger and no EarPods in the box. The company claims that this allows them to use smaller packaging, thus ship more units in the same pallet a reduce carbon emissions. Apple claims this move is equivalent to taking 450,000 cars of the roads for an entire year.

They also justify the decision by claiming that iPhone users already have a bunch of chargers at home from older models and that most are using wireless headphones anyway. What Apple did not mention though is that all previous iPhone models have been shipped with USB-A type chargers, while the new iPhone models will include an USB-C to Lightning Cable.

Best iPhone 12 Memes

1. iPhone 12 Orange County Choppers Meme

iphone 12 pawn shop meme
Source: Reddit

2. iPhone 12 Leonardo Di Caprio Meme

iPhone 12 leonardo di caprio meme
Source: Reddit

3. iPhone 12 vs iPhone 5 Spyderman Meme

iphone 5 vs iphone 14 spyderman meme
Source: Twitter

4. iPhone 12 Copying iPhone 5 Design

iphone 12 copying iphone 5 design meme
Source: Twitter

5. iPhone 12 and iPhone 5 Joker Meme

iphone 12 and iphone 5 joker meme
Source: Twitter


6. Apple Controversial iPhone Updates Timeline Meme

Apple controversial iPhone updates timeline meme
Source: Reddit

7. iPhone 12 Not Impressive Tom & Jerry Meme

iphone 12 not impressive tom & jerry meme
Source: Reddit

8. iPhone 12 No Wall Charger Apple Meme

iPhone 12 no wall charger Apple meme
Apple has already started selling the 20W USB-C charging brick for $19, as well as the traditional wired EarPods for the same amount $19, which represents a $10 discount from its original price.
Source: Reddit

9. iPhone 12 Magnetic Phone-Wallet Meme

iPhone 12 magnetic phone-wallet meme
Source: Reddit

10. Meme mocking Apple for 5G ‘breakthrough’

meme mocking Apple for 5G breakthrough
Source: Reddit

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