Best Moment To Use The Lucky Egg Feature In Pokemon GO

throwing lucky egg on pokemon go map

Throwing Lucky Egg on Pokemon GO map.

The Lucky Egg in Pokemon GO is a rare item that allows you, the PokeTrainer, to earn double the amount of experience points (XP) while this spell is active. XP count is the most important figure in the game. The more you gain the faster you climb the Trainer Level scale. A higher level gives you the ability to catch stronger Pokemons, with higher CP and HP. Powerful Pokemons make you a worthy competitor and allows you to challenge rival Gyms and build the prestige of PokeGyms controlled by your own Team.

Lucky Eggs are carried in the avatar’s bag and are mainly awarded as bonuses for completing certain levels. You can also purchase this spell from the Pokemon GO shop, but this requires real life money and is seen by many as an unfair advantage. A Trainer earns his first Lucky Egg when reaching Level 9, along with PokeBalls, Potions, Revives and Razz Berry. Similar to Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs aren’t awarded in PokeStops.

lucky egg reward for reaching Pokemon go level 10 When Are Lucky Eggs Awarded
As mentioned above, the first XP doubling spell is received when reaching Level 9. The second comes one lever later, while the third Lucky Egg is won when reaching Level 15.
Pokemon GO player is rewarded with two Luck Eggs when reaching Level 20, one more spell for Level 25 and three enchanted Eggs for milestone Level 30, currently the last one of the game!
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When To Use Lucky Egg
Because these items are so rare, it’s crucial to know when to throw a Lucky Egg in order to make the most of it. Considering that the spell’s main and only feature is to double all XP points that you receive within 30 minutes, since throwing it, it’s common sense to plan a few actions that will reward you with plenty of experience points.
evolving pidgey pokemon 1. Evolving Pokemon
Growing up fantasy creatures costs candies but, brings a much higher Combat Power for your monsters. The higher the CP the better will your Pokemon perform in battle. To profit the most from Lucky Egg, throw it only when you have an impressive list of creatures that you plan to upgrade! Evolving is awarded with 500 XP. If the newly grown monster isn’t available in your PokeDex and has to be registered you get an additional 500 XP The total of 1000 can be easily doubled to 2000 during the Lucky Egg happy hour. Be patient and collect as many monsters as you can before you start evolving them. Trade the weaker ones for candies, with Professor Willow.
Fact: Evolving takes around 30 seconds, which means that you can grow up to 60 Pokemons in the 30-minute time frame. This can earn you up to 120,000 XP within 30 minutes!

pokemon go avatar in the middle of Pokestops with lure modules 2. In-between PokeStops
If you don’t have that many Pokemons to evolve you can mix it with catching new monsters near Stops. Find two that are next to each other and available to check from the same spot. Place a Lure Module in each one of them and wait for Pokemon to spawn. Catch everything that surfaces. A caught Pokemon brings 100XP. If it’s an unknown species you get the additional 500XP for Pokedex as well as the Lucky Egg bonus, summing up 1200 XP, without taking in account a 100 worth Perfect PokeBall throw and catch!

incubating multiple pokemon eggs in the same time3. Egg Hatching Period
Plan to hatch new Pokemon while the Lucky Egg counter is still ticking. If you incubate a 10km egg you receive 1000 XP when it hatches, and 500 extra XP if it’s not in the PokedDex. That’s 3000 XP in the best case scenario.
Tip: Incubate multiple eggs in the same time. Preferably the bigger ones, the 10 and 5k m ones. This allows you to double more XP when using the Lucky Egg feature.

pokemon go lucky egg item How To Throw A Lucky Egg
Using the Lucky Egg spell is very easy. When you’re ready to follow the tricks mentioned above and combine them to obtain a massive XP increase, grab your iPhone and open the Pokemon GO Map. Now tap the small Poke Ball available, centered, at the bottom of the screen to open the game’s menu. Tap on Items and look for the Lucky Egg. Hit its label and throw it on the Map. A countdown timer from 30 minutes unfolding on the right side of your screen confirms that the feature is active!

pokemon go lucky egg spell active Best Lucky Egg Strategy
To sum it up don’t rush spending your XP-doubling charm! Wait until you can combine the three important XP awarding actions described above and considerably upgrade your level. You can select the Pokemon that you wish to evolve and mark them with a Star to make them favorites. Then ask the game to list them according to this filter and you have rapid access to all monsters that you want to evolve. This spares precious time!
Allow yourself minimal walk distance needed to hatch your eggs, so that you can remain in the nearby proximity of the PokeStops and also earn XP from new catches and Stop checks!