Cahoots, GyrOrbital & More: Free Apps Of The Week 39 (Save $37)

app store free apps of the week 39

App Store Free Apps of the Week 39.

Apple has stopped running its Free App of the Week campaign? Don’t worry! I’m here to share with you an iOS apps and games collection with App Store software that has gone free or is heavily discounted during the past 7 days. This is week 39 of 2017 and the list starts with Cahoots, an exciting tick taking games and includes the halved Super Marion Run deal (for the in-app purchase) and the 60% discounted F1 2016 car racing game.

Check out the 10 App Store applications that are free to download or are on sale and can be installed for less than half of their original retail price. Save a total of $37 if you grab all the software that’s currently discounted. Feel free to share this page with all your colleagues, friends and family. I’m sure that found at least an app that’s worth installing!

Free & Discounted Apps Of The Week 39
1. Cook + Cure ($5.99 -> FREE) – A health and fitness app that provides personalized nutrition tips and recommendations!
2. GyrOrbital ($0.99 -> FREE) – Target and destroy enemy missiles with the help of your iPhone’s gyroscope.
3. Cahoots ($1.99 -> FREE) A great trick taking game that you’ll want to play in real life too.
4. Capo touch ($9.99 -> FREE) – Learn how to play songs with this great music app for your iPhone and iPad. Play songs by ear and improve your skills.
5. iTuttle ($0.99 -> FREE) – brings a great Fat & Warm Subtractive Monophonic/Paraphonic Synthesizer to your iPhone.
6. Namer ($0.99 -> FREE) – Find out the origin and meaning of names with this handy iOS app. Decide up the name of your upcoming child!
7. Severed ($6.99 -> $1.99) – This is the winner of the Apple Design Award in 2017, and the Apple iPad Game Of The Year 2016. What more do you need?
8. Fighting Fantasy Legends ($4.99 -> $1.99) – A role-playing card game unfolding in the Fighting Fantasy world.
9. F1 2016 ($4.99 -> $1.99) – Race the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel at a discounted rate. Hurry app this sale is for a limited time only!
10. Super Mario Run ($9.99 -> $4.99) – A new Mario game for your iPhone and iPad that allows you to control your character with a single hand. The game is FREE to play but if you want to unlock all 6 World you have to pay in-app $4.99, that’s half of the usual retail value of $9.99.

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