Camera App Enhanced With QR Code Scanning Feature In iOS 11

ios 11 camera qr scanning demo

iOS 11 Camera QR scanning demo.

Gone are the days when you need to download QR Code readers from the App Store. Starting with iOS 11, Apple’s in-house developers have coded this capability directly in the the stock Camera app. This means that you only have to open the viewfinder and point it to the QR Code. The iPhone or iPad Camera will automatically detect it’s origin and prompt you to access the website via Safari, join the detected Wi-Fi network or perform whatever action the code is providing info for.

Although iOS 11 is only due to be rolled out this fall, Apple has already seeded the first Developer Beta version to registered devs. We’ve installed it on our test iPhones and have already toyed with the new QR Scanning feature coming with the Camera app. Check the nearby image to convince yourself about how easy it is to read QRs. This comes to complete a whole range of new features coming with the 11th iOS generation, like Screen Recording, customizable Control Center and much more!

ios 11 scan qr codes camera feature How To Enable QR Code Scanning Feature
The Camera app is set to recognize the black and white machine-readable codes by default. However, if you installed iOS 11 on your iPhone and iPad and QRs, like the one uploaded nearby, aren’t read make sure that you haven’t accidentally disabled it from the Settings app.
1. Open Settings from the iOS Home screen.
2. Scroll for Camera and tap on its label.
3. Check the Scan QR Code option. Switch the toggle ON in case it isn’t enabled!

How To Scan: Swipe-left from the Lock Screen to open the Camera app. Point the lens towards the QR code and wait until it’s read.