CarPlay Disconnects From iPhone Randomly In iOS 16 (Fix?)

CarPlay disconnects black screen

CarPlay disconnects black screen

CarPlay disconnects from iPhone after iOS 16 update? Does it happen randomly after it initially works for 20 – 30 minutes? Car screen turns black when it happens and you have to manually disconnect iPhone to get the screen back in working mode?

CarPlay Keeps Disconnecting iPhone

This iOS 16 issue has been reported by Oliver in our iOS 16 PB 4 review page:

“Carplay disconnects frequently and car screen goes black! My wife’s iphone running ios 15 works flawlessly.”

We couldn’t replicate the issue for now, but have found an identical complaint on Reddit.

How To Fix CarPlay Keeps Disconnects Randomly

  • 1. Open Settings app on iPhone.
  • 2. Go for General -> CarPlay.
  • 3. Select your car from the Available Cars section.
  • 4. Forget This Car.
  • 5. Re-add your vehicle. Does it work now?

Workaround For CarPlay Disconnects

This iOS 16 problem is temporary fixed by rebooting iPhone and reconnecting to CarPlay. However, it only works about half and hour before it unexpectedly disconnects again.

How to: I recommend you to force restart device.

Fact: If that doesn’t help either you have to be patient until the next software update.

Have you managed to fix CarPlay disconnecting iOS 16? Do you have a better solution or need more help? Use the comments section.

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