Carve Your Way Home With The Powder Ski Simulator

powder alpine simulator for ios

Powder – A ski simulator for iOS!

If you’re a ski or snowboard addict, Powder is a must have game for your iPhone! Whenever you wish to show off and impress your friend’s, while away from the slopes, open this app and carve your way through snow covered mountains!

I’m talking about a very simple but yet addictive gameplay. It’s a little easier to play than Flappy Bird, but the difficulty of obtaining high scores makes you wanna opt for one more try, and one more after that and so on until you end up frustrated or exalted by your results. Perhaps this is why the game has gone viral on the App Store.

Powder is already listed amongst the top new games of 2015, after only 7 days since it’s launch date, December 31st, 2014. It surly has addicted our staff, so there are high chances that you’ll enjoy it too, even if you’re not a big Winter sports fan!

Download Powder Alpine Simulator
Click the nearby image and you’ll be redirected to the official App Store download page. This game requires iOS 6 on your mobile device. It’s 43.7 MB small and will instantly install itself on your iPhone. Of course, a great news is that the software developed by is free of charge!

Powder Menu and Gameplay
powder ski simulator gameplay Playing this ski simulator is very easy. Open the app and tap Play Game. Your skier, symbolized by a small square, starts to slide on the snowy mountain. Carve right or left by tapping on the specific half of your iPhone’s screen. If you tap short your carver will perform a small turn, while tapping & holding will result in a longer turn towards the pressed side of the screen. Larger turns lower your speed and provide more control, while short carves increase speed but also enhances the risks of hitting obstacles. If you hit a fin or an ice pile, it’s game over and you have to restart your run! A nice trick is the jump feature. If collision is imminent attempt a miraculous escape by double tapping the screen. Your skier/snowboarder performs a jumps and continues the slide!

What’s Your Powder High Score?
powder high score Your record score in this game is set by the distance you manage to ski without hitting a fir or a pile of snow (ice). So, the longer and faster you manage to slalom, you accumulate ski length and can pride yourself with the results. If you check the nearby, image you’ll notice that I still have a lot of practice to do. I’m a really good snowboarder, but 119 meters isn’t impressive at all. You’ll probably beat me easily! If you do score high, please print screen your result and mail us. We’ll upload your photo here! I’ll update ours whenever we have something impressive!

Tips For Developer
– Fix Audio bug please. The sound OFF setting is saved only if you click Back after switching audio off. If you tap on Main Menu instead , sound changes aren’t saved and the blizzard tune continues.
– Please add Metrics option. Currently it’s only possible to score runs in Meters and speed is displayed in mph. It would be nice to be able to switch for Miles and kmh.
– Describe what Bear menu setting means. It redirects to an in-app purchase, which I assume that activates a bear as an additional obstacle on your track. However, it would be nice to know that clicking on Bear will lead to a paid purchase.